Products - Curvatone

Rulon - LinearRulon’s Curvatone is the ultimate combination of Rulon’s sound controlling Aluratone acoustical panels and the unique curving shapes of Curvalon custom shaped panels. Panel faces can either be grooved or have perforations in the form of holes or slots. Curvatone panels are designed to fit perfectly in place in the field. Curvatone panels are designed for high end building projects where acoustical performance and high esthetics are required.

Design Ideas

Panel Grille Installation gallery Curvatone permits the use of many wood species veneers. With a variety of perforation patterns, a unique ceiling or wall design can be achieved. Finish customizing your Curvatone ceiling with a custom finish.

Quick Facts

  • Rulon’s Curvatone offers optimal acoustical performance while using wood in the design criteria.
  • The combination of natural wood veneers and custom finishes provides a warm and natural appearance to any project.
  • Customize your panels with a concave, convex or serpentine shape.