Endure and Endure Woodgrain

The benefits of Endure and Endure Woodgrain suspended ceiling and canopy system are many. Endure is made from engineered polymer, which means this beautiful product will outlast just about every other alternative to canopy ceiling systems.
Endure and Endure Woodgrain is made from engineered polymers. Engineered polymers have been used in many of the products we use day to day. It is used in things like medical equipment, tires, residential fencing, clothing, food containers and in many items used commonly every single day. The reason is because it is safe, long lasting, economical and fully recyclable.
Endure is designed to withstand corrosive environments like indoor swimming pools with high levels of chlorine and also water treatment plants which also have high levels of various chemicals. If a wood finish is desired, Endure Woodgrain is the perfect product. It not only will last a very long time but will look beautiful too. Installation is easy and can be accomplished quickly with fewer workers than traditional EIFS or metal ceiling installations. This means a greater cost savings to customers. Endure requires very little maintenance and in the unlikely event it is ever taken down, is fully recyclable.
Endure and Endure Woodgrain suspended ceiling and canopy system… the last ceiling you will ever need!

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