Products - Panel Grille

Rulon - LinearRulon International offers an innovative wood panel system called Panel Grilles, which are manufactured with perfectly aligned and spaced wood strips. Panel Grilles can provide either a modern or traditional look and come in a variety of wood species and finish options. The final look is determined by the imagination of the designer.

What do the numbers on a Panel Grille name mean?

When choosing a Panel Grille style, three variables must be determined; number of blades per foot, blade thickness and width of the blades. Therefore, the first number in a Panel Grille name is the number of blades, the second is the blade thickness in 16ths of an inch and the third number is the blade depth in 16ths of an inch. For example, a PG 4-21-37D are panels that have 4 blades per foot each measuring 21/16th of an inch thick and 37/16th of an inch wide. The D designates use of a dowel.

Design Ideas

Linear Installation gallery Panel Grilles can provide decorative treatments for walls and ceilings. It is the answer to covering large ceiling areas in a unique and eye catching way. With Rulons wide selection of wood species, many varieties of Panel Grille styles and custom stains and finishes, a unique ceiling or wall design is only limited by the imagination of the designer.

Quick Facts

  • Trim and Border Treatments: End caps and junction trims are available in woods and finishes that compliment the Panel Grilles selected. These accessory strips enhance the appearance of the final installation. The trim designs are particularly effective in joining ceiling sections that run in opposing directions, and are regularly specified on wall projects.
  • Easy Installation: Panel Grilles are generally suspended from standard 15/16" heavy-duty T-rails. The carriers are generally black in color to match dowels. Panel Grilles can be hung by dowel clips, pushed around the dowel then snapped onto the carrier. A direct screw-mounted attachment may be used when access above is not essential.