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InTEGrilles Tegular Panel Grilles

Rulon - LinearRulon International introduces an addition to our Panel Grille product line… InTEGrilles! InTEGrilles is an exciting new version of our Panel Grilles designed to be used in new or existing suspended grid systems. The tegular edge design of InTEGrilles allow these panels to easily fit in a 2’x 2’ or 2’x 4’ suspended 15/16” or 9/16” heavy-duty grid. A 2’x 6’ panel is available, designed specifically for 15/16” heavy duty grid. InTEGrilles is ideal for covering large ceiling areas and is a great alternative to traditional ACT ceilings.
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leche finishcreme finishcaramel finishcinnamon finishamaretto finishchocolat finishnutmeg finishlatte finishhoney finishapricot finish

∗ colors not available on maple
  • Custom stains, clear sealers, or color treatments are spray applied using state-of-the-art finishing equipment.
  • Rulon can custom match any color selected by the designer, architect, or owners representative.
  • When you choose the Maple wood grain (solid or veneer) the following stains are not available: Nutmeg, Ameretto, Chocolat, Cinnamon.

Due to monitor display differences, the colors represented are for reference only. They are not to be used for final color determination.

Standard Species

Click to view the swatch larger. To learn about custom wood species for Rulon’s solid wood products please contact your .

Due to monitor display differences, the colors represented are for reference only. They are not to be used for final color determination.

  • Above Ceiling Access: Panel Grilles can be easily made accessible by removing sections or by hinging an individual section. Modifications such as hinging are done in the field during installation. For standard removal, release the Rulon clips and remove the Grilles successively.
  • Lighting Fixtures: Both recessed incandescent and linear fluorescent fixtures are compatible with Panel Grille ceilings. Lighting fixtures must be supported independently from the Panel Grille ceiling.
  • Acoustics: Panel Grilles are considered acoustically transparent. The addition of a fiberglass blanket above the Grille will enhance the acoustical characteristics.
  • Wall Panel Grilles: Panel Grilles can be used in a variety of situations including Walls. Wall mounted Grilles can provide sound modification or attenuation when acoustical material is installed behind the Grilles. Wall mounted Panel Grilles are often specified for auditoriums, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. The results include controlled sound levels and beautiful wall surfaces that are resistant to damage. Panel Grilles can be easily attached to walls by direct screwing with the appropriate fasteners.
  • Baffle Grilles: A relatively new usage for members of the Panel Grille family is to simulate a ceiling plane with a series of vertically hung Panel Grilles. The effect, when viewed from the floor, is a continuous decorative ceiling with both horizontal and vertical interest. It is particularly effective when finishing large areas with high ceilings. Baffle Panel Grilles are unique to each project, easy to install, and result in an attractive one-of-a-kind ceiling.

Design Ideas

Linear Installation gallery Panel Grilles can provide decorative treatments for walls and ceilings. It is the answer to covering large ceiling areas in a unique and eye catching way. With Rulons wide selection of wood species, many varieties of Panel Grille styles and custom stains and finishes, a unique ceiling or wall design is only limited by the imagination of the designer.

Quick Facts

  • Trim and Border Treatments: End caps and junction trims are available in woods and finishes that compliment the Panel Grilles selected. These accessory strips enhance the appearance of the final installation. The trim designs are particularly effective in joining ceiling sections that run in opposing directions, and are regularly specified on wall projects.
  • Easy Installation: Panel Grilles are generally suspended from standard 15/16" heavy-duty T-rails. The carriers are generally black in color to match dowels. Panel Grilles can be hung by dowel clips, pushed around the dowel then snapped onto the carrier. A direct screw-mounted attachment may be used when access above is not essential.