Rulon - LinearRulon International combines the natural beauty of wood with modern design to create an elegant product that enhances the architectural plan and allows for easy installation. Our Linear Wood uses the Rulon cliprail system which eliminates heavy metal framing and support wood needed to hold nailed-in-place boards. The installer simply suspends the cliprails from the deck then snaps the light weight linear boards into place – a cost savings in labor!

Design Ideas

Linear Installation gallery Light weight Accent Beams can be supplied to match or contrast with the Rulon Linear Ceilings. These beams are custom designed for each application and are easily assembled and suspended in place. See our Accent Beam section for more information.

Quick Facts

  • Rulon has factory attached clips that guarantee perfect field spacing of the boards. The visual placement of the clips shows the contractor where penetrations of other ceiling components will occur.
  • Both standard and custom stains, sealers, and color treatments are available with a Class A or 1 fire treated surface.