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Rulon - LinearRulon’s Endure® suspended linear system has become a specified favorite for ceilings and canopies in adverse exterior environments as well as for modern interior applications. Endure® performs well in indoor swimming pools, water treatment plants, exterior store canopies and many other applications. Endure® offers a clean, smooth, modern appearance with rugged durability. It has been proven tough enough to survive hurricane conditions where other ceilings have failed. Endure® strips are inert to the harsh, moist weather conditions that can greatly shorten the useful life of metal, EFIS drywall or other synthetic material ceiling products. When service life is completed, Endure® strips are completely recyclable.

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860 Combination Spacer
870 Perimeter Trim
875 Expansion Joint
880 Galvanized Metal Carrier

885 Urethane Coated Carrier
Endure 800 Straight Edge Strip
Endure 850 Curved Edge Strip
Endure 900 Straight with Integrated Spacer

Standard Colors
white sand beige Light Grey
Medium Grey

Custom Colors

Green Red Blue Aqua
Black Yellow
  • Pigments and resins are mixed prior to the extrusion process, producing uniform color throughout the profile.
  • Rulon offers a selection of standard color choices.
  • Custom colors can be formulated for large jobs.

Due to monitor display differences, the colors represented are for reference only. They are not to be used for final color determination.

  • Lighting Fixtures: Endure can easily be trimmed during installation to incorporate all types of ceiling penetrations.
  • Installation: Endure installs easily by snapping the strips into a special grid system. One person can handle and install the lightweight Endure strips.

Design Ideas

Plasline Installation gallery Very successful applications include exterior canopies, indoor swimming pools, water treatment plants, gas stations, transportation centers, airports, shopping centers, bank drive-throughs, recreational facilities and schools.

Quick Facts

  • Maintenance Free: Endure ceilings offer a smooth, modern, water repellent surface which cleans easily with a damp cloth looking new indefinitely. Because engineered polymer is inert to most chemical attack, it is the ceiling of choice for difficult conditions and highly corrosive atmospheres such as swimming pools, seashore environments, and exterior soffits.
  • Easy Installation: One person can easily handle and install the lightweight and strong Endure strips which can be trimmed to size without fear of damage. Superior working characteristics of Endure permit rapid integration with lighting, air handling units, sprinkler heads and other ceiling penetrations. The natural insulating property of Endure supplies excellent efficiency as a return-air plenum.