Sustain DCS Interior/Exterior Decorative Ceiling System

SUSTAIN DCS is a highly versatile and tough ceiling system that is ideal for a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, commercial and residential ceiling applications. SUSTAIN DCS is easy to install, long lasting and is unaffected by moisture. Sustain DCS will look beautiful for many years to come.

  • Durable, unaffected by moisture, corrosion resistant, abuse resistant, chemically inert to corrosion, proven on 1000’s of projects and in extreme environments
  • Use DCS in lieu of solid wood, linear metal, EIFS, gypsum, or acoustical ceilings.
  • Installation: DSC installs quickly with one person and easily integrates with air   handling units, sprinkler heads, lighting and other ceiling components. Can be direct attached to ceiling joists, trusses or suspended like common grid and lay-in tile ceilings.
  • Accessibility: DCS strips can be easily removed and replaced with little effort and without damage, allowing for complete access to plenum areas above. The strips retain their shape after repeated removals, eliminating the issue of  rattling and vibration.
  • Substitute Usage: Use DCS in lieu of solid wood, linear metal, EIFS, gypsum, or  acoustical ceilings.



If you have any concerns with regard to the suitability of SUSTAIN DCS for your project, contact Rulon International at Our experienced engineering and design teams will be happy to address your questions.

Fire Performance: ASTM E84 surface burning characteristics.

Class A

Food Processing: Smooth surface meets USDA/FSIS Guidelines for use in food processing areas (not designed for use in close proximity to commercial grease ducts).

Impact Resistance and Graffiti: SUSTAIN DCS may be used in situations where it may be subjected to impacts such as sports facilities. In such cases, the carrier spans should be reduced, dependent upon the severity of the conditions. SUSTAIN DCS is inherently graffiti resistant. Graffiti can simply be removed with pressure washing, which is a 25% to 40% savings compared to existing methods of abrasive cleaning and/or repainting. Graffiti prone installations should include appropriate carrier spacing, contact Rulon International Engineering with questions.

Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Expansion (ASTM C117): Coefficient of Linear Expansion (55 + 5.10-6 K-1); Coefficient of thermal conductivity (0.17 W/m.k)

Cleaning: Once installed, SUSTAIN DCS can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or a very mild detergent solution

Recyclability: 100% Recyclable

Performance Wind Load Tested: Performance Wind Load Tested: Meets ASTM E 330-02, which is the standard test method for structural performance of exterior windows, doors, skylights and curtain walls by uniform static air pressure difference. Tested up to 75PSF (140 MPH Wind Load) and up to 105PSF. *Case study available. 

Seismic: Sustain is not a lay-in ceiling system. Sustain is generally exempt from acoustical seismic construction requirements such as: perimeter end wall clearance, perimeter hanger wires, horizontal restraint and vertical splay bracing. This is due to the diaphragm strength achieved by the positive attachment of the rigid strips to the carriers. In addition, there are no lay-in ceiling panels that can become dislodged.

Notes: Contact Rulon International Engineering for any exterior applications, interior swimming pool or where the long direction exceeds 24′.