Sustain DFP Interior Decorative Ceiling Panels

SUSTAIN DFP is light-weight, easily installed, and requires very little maintenance. It provides excellent accessibility and will not dent, chip or be susceptible to damage by abusive actions.

  • Dramatically improve an interior space with the warmth of wood

  • SUSTAIN DFP is light-weight, easily installed and requires very little maintenance. It has a beautiful but durable surface

  • Install in new or existing grid systems!

  • Available in sizes and edge profiles that fit all leading grid brands, 15/16″ or 9/16″ suspension systems, square or tegular edge.

  • Code compliant for a wide range of applications!

  • NEED GRID?, Easily add 9/16 or 15/16″ Suspension Systems to your order. Just answer a few simple questions and we will figure out how much you need



INSTALLATION: Sustain DFP installs quickly with one person and easily integrates with air handling units, sprinkler heads, lighting, and other ceiling penetrations.

ACCESSIBILITY: Sustain DFP ceiling panels are fully accessible for easy access to the plenum space above. Use Sustain DFP in lieu of conventional ceiling tiles that can stain, chip and crumble. Sustain DFP panels can add the rich warmth of wood to your interior space and instantly give an upscale and elegant appearance.

SUSPENSION SYSTEMS AND EDGE DETAILS: Sustain DFP ceiling panels come in either lay-in or reveal edges styles. Both the lay-in and reveal edge styles are designed to fit in either 15/16” or 9/16”. Grid suspension systems available from Rulon:


Fire Performance: ASTM E84 surface burning characteristics. Flame spread index 25 or less, smoke developed index 50 or less (UL labeled). Class A

Cleaning: Once installed, Sustain Panels can bel wiped clean with a damp cloth or a very mild detergent solution. Food

Food Processing: Smooth surface meets USDA/FSIS Guidelines for use in processing areas. (Not designed for use in close proximity to commercial grease ducts.