Indoor Air Quality Solutions to Improve Your IAQ Score

Indoor air quality should be a major priority for businesses. Poor IAQ can lead to a variety of health problems for employees, and can also affect the bottom line if the air quality violates regulatory standards. Today, we are going to discuss some effective solutions that you can leverage to improve your indoor air quality […]

Using Acoustic Wood Panels to Control Sound in Your Venue

acoustic wood panels

Do you have a problem with sound in your auditorium, concert hall, theater, or other large space? Acoustic wood panels may be the solution you are looking for. Panels for walls and ceilings, like the ones we manufacture at Rulon, are designed to help to optimize the acoustic properties of an enclosed environment. This can […]

Types of Wood Paneling for Walls: The Complete Guide

wood paneling for walls

Some walls contain art. Some walls are art.  Have you ever been struck by the immersive experience of standing inside a brilliantly-designed building? Spaces like museums, churches, and concert halls can all evoke this sensation.  Wood panel walls are one way to completely transform an interior space, achieving that artistic “wow” factor.  Wood panel systems […]