Top 5 Things to Know When Using Endure™ Products

The Endure™ range of products comprises several durable ceiling systems that can be used for various applications. These ceiling systems are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. If you are looking to use Endure™ products, these are just some key things to know. Keep reading to discover more additional details that make Endure™ products […]

The Benefits of a Suspended Wood Ceiling System

wood ceiling installers

A suspended wood ceiling is an additional ceiling that hangs below the structural ceiling above and offers a lot of benefits. For instance, you can use it to conceal mechanical, electrical, and plumbing fixtures (MEPs) that can affect the aesthetics of your interior. Read on to discover more benefits of a suspended wood ceiling system. […]

Corporate Responsibility: Incorporating Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainability and environmental responsibility have become increasingly important to society with more people every year opting for more sustainable alternatives. From food to construction, sustainable and eco-friendly options are growing in popularity around the world. A great way to stay environmentally conscious is to incorporate sustainable building materials throughout your project. New technologies and techniques […]

3 FAQs About Endure™ Linear

Endure™ Linear is a ceiling system manufactured by Rulon International. This product has an impressive resume of benefits, which explains why it’s growing in popularity. To begin with, this durable canopy ceiling and wall system has a wide range of uses. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use, meaning it offers superior performance in harsh […]

Why Are Your Veneered Panel Grilles & Linear Systems More Expensive Than Solid Wood?

Panel Grille System

There is an undeniable trend amongst owners, designers, and architects toward the use of more environmentally conscious materials in their projects. Wood is a clean, environmentally sustainable, and versatile material that can add warmth to any room or design you may require for your project. Using wood has gained a lot of popularity as a […]

Wood Ceiling Options for Outdoor Use

Outdoor Wood Ceiling

Create a beautiful and stunning visual and bring your outdoor living space to life by using an exterior wood ceiling. Wood ceilings can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to your walkways, patio, canopies, porte-cochères, and atriums. With a wide variety of wood species and systems available for outdoor use, the possibilities […]

Designing Spaces for the Future: The Longevity and Low Maintenance of Endure

Rulon Architecture

As much space as they take up, ceilings and walls are often overlooked in many design projects. Those who use them as an opportunity to further contribute to the look and feel of a space, however, recognize the ability ceilings and walls have to boldly define a space; with this in mind, many designers take […]

How Wood Design Can Enhance Learning Spaces


Think back to the last time you stepped inside of a school building. How did it look, feel, and sound? Many older schools were constructed in a way that makes them feel dark, dingy, and closed up, with resounding noise a constant throughout the building. Newer schools tend to be much brighter, cleaner, and airier, […]

What Does the Timeline Look Like for Your Custom Wood Products?

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When you have a big project on your hands, we know how important it is to meet specifications and have a quick turnaround without adding any more complexity to the work. All of our wood ceilings and wood walls are custom-designed and made-to-order, so the timeline is reflective of that. In most cases, you can […]