Wood Wall Design Ideas for Commercial Common Areas

wood wall design ideas

In commercial settings, shared common areas contribute to the greater good for all of the business owners, workers, and customers who use the space. The design of shared areas should be attractive, welcoming, and practical. One feature that helps designers meet these objectives is wood walls.  If your commercial common area requires a design that’s […]

Why Wood Panels Are Essential for Midcentury Modern Office Design

midcentury modern office

Midcentury modern (MCM) design is a timeless style, grounded in minimalist principles but with plenty of room for artistry and unique touches.  If you’re designing an office space with a midcentury modern approach, wood panel walls are a must-have and an excellent starting point for your planning process. In the sections below, we’ll review the […]

Hardwood vs Softwood – Which is Right for Your Panel Design?

hardwood vs softwood

When planning a wood panel interior design project, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the choice of wood. The wood you select should be a perfect match for your project in terms of its color, grain patterns, and functional characteristics. The two primary classifications of wood are hardwood and softwood. While hardwood […]

Best Types of Wood for Interior and Exterior Designs

best type of wood

Best Types of Wood for Interior and Exterior Designs What’s the best type of wood for a major interior or exterior design project?  It all depends on the project’s aesthetic and functional requirements.  Choosing the perfect material for your wood panel system project is a rewarding process that brings your vision one step closer to […]

7 Ways to Improve Your Hotel Experience for Guests

Hotel Experience for Guests

As a hotel owner, you’re eager to provide the best possible experience for each guest that visits your establishment.  It’s incredibly challenging to maintain excellence in every aspect of hospitality, day in and day out. However, by organizing your goals into groups, you can identify areas of need and stay on top of scheduled maintenance […]

Benefits of Using Wood Panels for Public Library Interior Design

Library Interior Design

When a patron steps into a public library, how would they like to be feeling?  Welcomed, comfortable, and safe.  Patrons of all ages visit libraries for access to paper books, multimedia resources, and special events. Many folks simply cherish their local library as a rare spot to find some peace and quiet.  The interior design […]

What is LEED Certified Wood and How Can It Benefit Your Project?

leed certified wood

If you’re searching for a way to enhance the appearance of your commercial space with wood paneling, consider using a wood product that can contribute towards LEED certification.  If you’re unfamiliar with LEED, it is important to know that the acronym stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which is an internationally recognized certification […]

Why You Should Use Indoor Wall Paneling in Hotel Rooms

indoor wall paneling, paneling interior walls

Can you think of a more inviting space than a hotel room? From the warm lighting filters to the plush furniture, each detail creates an oasis that guests desire.  But have you considered using indoor wall paneling in your hotel room designs to really give it the “wow-factor”? Not only can this material provide a […]

How a Wood-Slatted Ceiling Enhances the Ambiance of Your Commercial Space

wood slatted ceiling

Are you looking to add something unique and eye-catching to your commercial space? Wood slatted ceilings are an excellent way of creating aesthetic appeal. Not only do they bring a touch of stylish elegance to any room, but they also can bring maximum value to your business by improving sound quality and creating visual interest.  […]