Designing Spaces for the Future: The Longevity and Low Maintenance of Endure

Rulon Architecture

As much space as they take up, ceilings and walls are often overlooked in many design projects. Those who use them as an opportunity to further contribute to the look and feel of a space, however, recognize the ability ceilings and walls have to boldly define a space; with this in mind, many designers take […]

How Wood Design Can Enhance Learning Spaces


Think back to the last time you stepped inside of a school building. How did it look, feel, and sound? Many older schools were constructed in a way that makes them feel dark, dingy, and closed up, with resounding noise a constant throughout the building. Newer schools tend to be much brighter, cleaner, and airier, […]

3 Places Quality Acoustics Matter

Wood Ceilings

Many sustainable certification systems, such as LEED, have credits for acoustical performance. At Rulon International, we engineer wood products with acoustics in mind, so you can get a beautiful result and quality acoustics while accruing credits toward a sustainable building. Looking to make big waves with your next project? Design a space with acoustics and […]

Making (Sound) Waves: How Curvatone Brings Added Beauty to Acoustic Panels

  Find the ideal custom wood acoustical systems for your next project in Curvatone, which is specifically engineered with acoustics in mind. Curvatone delivers spaces with the beauty and warmth of wood in a custom wave design while enhancing acoustical properties.  Where Can Curvatone Custom Wood Systems Be Used? Custom wood acoustical systems work best […]