10 Sustainable Interior Design Tips: Wooden Ceilings, Wall Panels, and More

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Beauty, versatility, and sustainability make wood the perfect choice for many different kinds of projects, fitting seamlessly into schools, auditoriums, financial institutions, business centers, and many other places. Although ceilings and walls aren’t always the first feature considered in a design project, they offer two huge opportunities for you to define your space.   If you’re looking to take your …

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Why Endure Linear Is a Great Choice for Your Next Project

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There’s nothing better than a versatile, sustainable product that can work for most every design. Endure Linear wood ceiling tiles is a maintenance-free system that’s perfect for interiors, exteriors, acoustics, canopy ceilings, and corrosive environments.  Where Can Endure Linear Be Used? Wondering where Endure Linear can be used and successfully installed? Because wooden ceiling tiles can work in virtually any …