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You can find plenty of wood manufacturers, but finding one you can actually count on is another story. The problem is that it can be difficult to find the custom acoustic wood ceilings and walls you need to make your project stand out as innovative while satisfying your client and staying within budget.

You deserve to feel confident you have the right manufacturer and systems to execute your unique vision.

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Linear Open Drawing


Used for ceilings or walls with built-in cliprails for easy install.

Panel Grille Dowel


Used for ceiling or wall design with perfectly aligned wood strips.

Lay in Cube


Easy to install ceiling system with easy MEP integration.



Acoustical wood ceiling and wall system with a variety of sizes and styles.


Highly customizable, large-format vertical baffles.

Accent Beam


Lightweight wood beams to compliment a variety of ceiling styles.

Curvalon Front Nav


Flexible, custom wood veneered panels used on ceilings, or walls.



Sound controlling acoustical panels in flexible, custom shapes.

Flat veneer Front Nav


Design solutions for architectural walls and ceilings.

Plasline Wood grain


Durable extruded systems designed for any application.

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