City of Las Vegas New City Hall

Curvatone Custom-Shaped Acoustical Wood Panels

The new city hall building in Las Vegas includes a new 500-seat council chamber. JMA Architecture Studios designed the state-of- the-art chamber with an amazing contemporary design. Every wall surface interior is covered with horizontally layered rows of Rulon International’s Curvatone Custom-Shaped Acoustical Wood Veneered Panels.

The new chamber space required a great degree of acoustic control. JMA Architecture Studios was able to accomplish this using a very contemporary design feature. Curvatone Custom-Shaped Acoustical Wood Veneered Panels. The Curvatone panels are 38-inch-high undulating or serpentine shaped and made in a variety of lengths. 6 rows of Curvatone panels wrap around the interior walls as the frequency of the “waves” alternate between each row. 

To say this was a very complicated project is an understatement. The planning stage alone required a great deal of time. In order for the installers, to work with such a complex design, ISEC visited Rulon’s facilities in St. Augustine, Florida to coordinate and come up with a good game plan.

The beautiful install allowed the incredible design vision from JMA Architecture Studios to become a reality.




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