Rulon’s Wood Cubes bring the warmth and beauty of wood to large areas with a creative and unique product.

Wood Cubes are easy to install and allow for access to areas above the ceiling. This functional ceiling allows for air circulation and integration of sound and light devices, while creating an upscale appearance.

Above Ceiling Access Wood Cube sections are easily removable for access above the ceiling.

Lighting Fixtures Lighting fixtures can be integrated easily into any Wood Cube ceiling. Rulon can provide matching wood plates.

Acoustics Wood Cubes are acoustically transparent. This feature lets sound carry above the ceiling where acoustical batting or foam can be installed.

Air Handling The open nature of Wood Cubes allows air to flow freely though the ceiling.

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Standard Finishes
Finish Notes

Custom stains, clear sealers, or color treatments are spray applied using state-of-the-art finishing equipment. Rulon can custom match any color selected by the designer, architect, or owners representative.

* When using Maple (solid or veneer), the following stains are not available: Nutmeg, Ameretto, Chocolat, Cinnamon.