Our Products

To create the world’s very best wood ceiling and wood wall systems requires a level of acoustical knowledge and commitment unparalleled in our industry.

Using the very latest in computerized technology, combined with skilled employees and dedicated office staff, Rulon’s products have been recognized the world over for their beauty and very high standard of quality.

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  • Used for ceilings or walls with built-in cliprails for easy install.
  • Used for ceiling or wall design with perfectly aligned wood strips.
    Panel Grille
  • Central Michigan University
    Beautiful and easy to install ceiling system with increased circulation and integration.
  • Versatile veneer panels for a efficient, cost-effective ceiling solution.
  • Lightweight wood beams to compliment a variety of ceiling styles.
    Accent Beams
  • Acoustical wood ceiling and wall panels with a variety of sizes, styles and finishes.
  • Flexible, custom shaped wood veneered panels used on ceilings, walls, soffits or suspended.
  • Sound controlling Aluratone acoustical panels and the unique curving shapes of Curvalon custom shaped panels.
  • Design solutions for architectural walls and ceilings in a variety of wood veneers.
    Flat Veneer Panels
  • Durable suspended canopy ceiling systems designed for adverse environments.