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Amazing spaces are defined by three aspects: function, mood, and personality. The first two aspects are usually characteristic of the application – a school functions and feels like a school, a hospital functions and feels like a hospital – but personality takes a great space and makes it incredible.

Personality can take many forms, but sometimes it takes the form of large-format artwork. Whether that artwork materializes as a simple logo or a complex, multi-panel mural, we’re here to make your vision a reality.

Our Custom Graphic Printing is second to none.

We've worked hard to ensure our printing tools and design services meet your expectations, which is why we have an entire department dedicated to ensuring your vision comes to life.

Scenic landscapes, school mascots, company logos, or artwork can be printed on a variety of Rulon systems enabling you to personalize wall & ceiling finishes to suit your clients’ needs while still meeting the design requirements.

Concerns about the safety and efficacy of the product? UV-LED printing is an environmentally friendly technology with no ozone emissions. Printed images are safe for both the building and the occupants and can be used anywhere.

How can we make the process easier?

 No need for 3rd party print vendor or sign shop
• Print on one panel or create a continuous graphic across many panels to cover a large area
• Provide your own design or have Rulon design a custom graphic
• Choose a standard print or an embossed printed effect
• Design and print on custom-shaped panels
• Skip extra installation steps

Design a unique, completely custom space.

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