Stockton University

In 2008, Rulon International manufactured and provided Wood Panel Grilles, Aluratone 500, Aluratone 700, and Flat Veneer Panels for the new 154,000 square foot Campus Center at Richard Stockton College. Some of the panels were designed to display the Stockton College logo, a process that required a secondary contractor to cut the logos using a CNC router.

In 2015, the Stockton College board of trustees voted to officially change Stockton’s designation and name from that of a college to a university, requiring a redesign of the existing panels with logos. Rulon was asked to provide replacement Flat Veneer panels, but unlike the original panels, the design approach was changed to apply the logo to the surface of the veneered panels through Rulon’s Custom Printing Program with the added benefit of arriving at the University completely ready to install without the need of a third-party vendor, typically needed for engraving.



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