Rulon’s Curvalon, custom-shaped wood veneered panels, are manufactured from a flexible core material.

Curvalon faces can be radiused, concave, convex, or made into a serpentine form. Curvalon is made into custom-sized design options in linear strips, narrow panels or full-size sheets up to 4’ x 10’. Curvalon can be used on ceilings, walls, soffits or suspended as “acoustical reflectors”. Custom-sized and shaped panels can be specified to fit unusual ceiling designs, resulting in minimum product waste. When compared to building curved panels in the field, Curvalon saves time, money, and produces a more consistent and uniform appearance from panel to panel.
Acoustical Properties
Curvalon and Aluratone panels can be integrated to provide acoustical performance when needed.

Above Ceiling Access
Access above Curvalon ceilings is easily achieved with a variety of installation techniques. C-Hangers and Torsion Springs are the two most common installation methods for individual panel accessibility.

Lighting Fixtures
Penetrations are typically field cut by the contractor during installation.

Installation of Rulon Curvalon Panels varies depending on project requirements. Panels in areas where accessibility is not required can be suspended directly from the ceiling deck by the interior shaping ribs with standard 12 gauge wire. Accessible ceiling panels are most commonly installed with C-hangers. C-hangers simply screw to the backs of the panels and suspend the panels from standard 1/2″ wide C-channel. For wall applications, Z-clips provide a secure attachment to furring or a ply board wall.

Standard Finishes
Finish Notes

Custom stains, clear sealers, or color treatments are spray applied using state-of-the-art finishing equipment. Rulon can custom match any color selected by the designer, architect, or owners representative.

* When using Maple (solid or veneer), the following stains are not available: Nutmeg, Ameretto, Chocolat, Cinnamon.