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Indoor Advantage™ Gold Indoor Air Quality Certified

Enhanced Learning with Acoustic Panel Options

Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Approved

Your design impacts education

A space can determine the success that stems from it. While poorly designed school interiors can have a negative impact on learning, thoughtfully designed school interiors can transform the way students learn. Our sustainable wood ceilings and wood wall systems contribute to beautiful spaces that deliver optimized sound quality for learning.

Wood provides warmth in sterile environments like schools. Recent studies show that natural materials better promote learning in classroom environments when compared to stale, sterile, cleanroom-esque environments.

Optimized sound quality

Various levels of sound attenuation created through use of Rulon paneling

Wood provides warmth in a naturally sterile environment.

We’re proudly doing our part in education.

We believe in the value of education, and our team is committed to contributing to it in a meaningful way. When working with educational facilities, we focus on the big picture and how we can use our custom solutions to provide various levels of sound attenuation and enhance learning through sustainable and healthy products.


The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) provides resources for designers and builders to build safer, healthier schools so they may have better lighting, cleaner air, and more comfortable classrooms. Rulon's Panel Grilles, Linear, and Flat Veneer Panel systems have been evaluated to confirm they meet the CHPS standards and are currently listed as pre-approved products.

Indoor Advantage™ Gold

Our products are Indoor Advantage™ Gold certified, meaning they’re low in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which are known to have harmful short- and long-term health effects. Recognized by the GSA and EPA, it’s recommended for schools because its transparent indoor air quality (IAQ) standard delivers a healthier environment.

VMDO believes all design decisions, including systems and material selections, contribute to the social, emotional and academic development of each child. For over 30 years, VMDO has specified Rulon’s wood products because they are durable, well-engineered, responsibly harvested, and they add affordable warmth and elegance to high-profile spaces.

Kelly D. Callahan

VMDO Architects

Wood finishes help to create warm, inviting, and biophilic interiors - all of which are very important when designing enriching and non-sterile learning environments. This, combined with the affordability and durability of wood, makes it (and Rulon!) a great choice for school systems at all levels.

Laura Lumadue


As you know, we used Rulon on Severance High School. What I liked about using Rulon for the café and performing arts theater, was the ability to provide textural and acoustic variation through a natural material. I also appreciated Rulon’s flexibility to customize panels, which allowed us to create interesting visual rhythms and further diffuse acoustic reflections. In all, this helped us create some fun and dynamic, but refined spaces for the high school students.

Levi Wall


Build a safe, healthy, sustainable space.

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