Ways to Use Accent Beams in Commercial Spaces for a Unique Design

Wood accent beams, or decorative beams, are non-load-bearing building components added for aesthetic and functional benefits. In large commercial spaces, accent beams add beauty and visual interest, helping to create unique and memorable settings. 

Wood beams are also helpful for hiding would-be exposed wiring or other mechanical, electrical, or plumbing components. 

In this primer on wooden accent beams, we’ll briefly review the uses and benefits of this stately design feature. 

Aesthetic and Functional Benefits of Wooden Accent Beams

Accent beams add beauty and distinction to a room. Beams present the natural warmth and texture of wood while adding interesting angles and patterns to the existing architectural style. 

Wood beams also offer functional benefits. 

Compared to most traditional beams, Rulon’s accent beams provide a channel that seamlessly incorporates mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components. While they are not intended for load-bearing applications, they do serve a primary role in proficiently concealing essential building systems while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. 

Popular Wood Types for Accent Beams

The best types of wood for accent beams include: 

  • Oak: red and white oak boards are easy to work with, durable, and can be easily stained for color customization
  • Poplar: a popular light-colored hardwood that’s often more affordable than other common woods
  • Cherry: a luxurious and deep-toned wood that ages with dramatic appeal 

Other popular choices include maple, cedar, and beech. 

3 Ways to Use Wooden Accent Beams in Commercial Spaces

Accent beams are diverse and can be customized to create unique looks. Here are a few categories to serve as starting points when planning a ceiling beam project. 

Panel Grilles

A grille system is a wood panel design that features a series of parallel beams in a tight arrangement. The close proximity between beams presents the appearance of a grille or a set of shutters. 

Panel grilles help to enclose a space in warmth and intimacy. This style creates an upscale appearance and can also be used to conceal unsightly ceiling elements, such as wires or electronic hardware. 

Curved Panels

Curved panels are striking elements that add visual interest to a space. Curves create a wave-like appearance that works for both traditional and modern design themes. 

Along with their own aesthetic value, curved panels can be used to highlight other aspects of a room. This can be accomplished strategically by positioning curves around features. Curved panels with built-in lighting can achieve this effect with even more distinction. 

Statement Beams

Statement beams are large and spaced out, made with wood species that generate thick, sturdy timber. Statement beams draw attention and make up a major design feature of a room. This beam style is best used in spaces with bold, dramatic aesthetics, but can work well with both modern and traditional styles. 

How to Decide on the Right Ceiling Beams

Functional Considerations

Different types of commercial spaces call for varying focus on acoustics, aesthetics, and durability. For high-end settings, beauty may be the top priority. In this case, wood beams can be presented elegantly as an artistic feature. 

On the other hand, some busy commercial settings may be most in need of building systems accommodations due to their lack of suspended ceilings. If so, beams can be designed to hide or mask these components even when the design calls for comprehensive layouts.. 

Work with Expert Professionals

For a major wood construction project, working with the best of the best makes an enormous difference. In the hands of experts, wood offers endless design possibilities. Working with reputable professionals for your accent beam installation ensures that your project is beautiful, functional, and built to last. 


For your accent beam project, look for woods that are sustainably sourced and manufactured using eco-friendly products and techniques. Doing so ensures that your project contributes to sustainable forestry, rather than deforestation. 

While discussing your project plans with suppliers and contractors, ask about their commitment to the use of sustainable woods. Companies that are committed to sustainability will be happy to discuss their eco-friendly practices and any certification programs that they support. 

Get Sustainable Ceiling Beams for Your Space

For an aesthetically and acoustically gorgeous ceiling, work with Rulon International to select the perfect style of decorative wood beams. Check out our project gallery and our product page to learn more, or contact our team today to discuss accent beams for your project. 

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