Rulon - AluratoneRulon Aluratone acoustical wood ceiling and wall panels combine the warmth and beauty of wood with acoustical performance. Designers can choose from a variety of acoustical characteristics and panel surfaces. Aluratone 100 are acoustical panels with slots on the panel faces and are available in a variety of slot sizes and pattern designs. Aluratone 300, 500, 900, 930 and 950 panels have grooves on the panel faces which cover perforations and allow sound to be absorbed into the panel core. The grooves come in narrow or wide spacing depending on Aluratone style. Aluratone 700 panels feature panel faces with hole perforations that are available in a variety of diameters and patterns depending on acoustical design requirements.

Rulon can provide a variety of installation hardware for ease of installation and accessibility.

Aluratone panels are designed for high end building projects where acoustical performance is required. Rulon has had many successful installations in performing arts centers, U.S. embassies around the world, office buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, libraries, museums, lecture halls and other high profile projects.

Design Ideas

Cubes Installation gallery Successful applications include wall and ceilings for design areas such as boardrooms, office buildings, performing arts centers, airports, schools, hospitals and other high profile areas.

Quick Facts

  • Rulon Aluratone offers optimal acoustical performance while using wood in the design criteria.
  • The combination of natural wood veneers and custom finishes provides a warm and natural appearance to any project.