5 Reasons to Consider Wood Cube Panels for Your Next Design

Wood ceiling systems have recently started to grow in popularity across the design and architecture realm as a way to bring natural warmth to spaces of all shapes and sizes. Not only do wood cell ceilings require no treatment and cause no off-gassing, but they also subtly elevate spaces by adding texture, color, and style to them. 

Why Use Wood Ceiling Systems?

When you incorporate wood ceiling systems into your design, you’re making a statement by opting for a beautiful, sustainable feature. When you’re considering the use of wood cube panels for your design, these are five benefits you can count on from our team. 

1. Ease of Installation

When it comes to wood ceiling systems, you don’t have to worry about facing difficulty installing them. One of the best parts of our wood ceilings is that they’re very easy to install. They consist of wood panels that have the characteristics you want and, upon installation, these panels are joined together with standard commercial false ceiling systems (T-15 and T-24 profiles). As an added bonus, this format allows for easy, convenient transport, which is always a win. 

2. Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability in design is important, and it can become increasingly important depending on the person or place you’re completing design work for. Fortunately, wood is a resource that’s readily available in nature as long as we take care of it and use wood that hails from sustainably managed forests. Our wood panels conform to several sustainability standards, including FSC, LEED v4, WELL, and HPD. So when it comes to wood ceiling systems, you can rest easy knowing they’re an ecological, easy-to-recycle, biodegradable design choice. 

3. Customized Design

When you have a vision, you need to bring it to life. The easiest way to do that is through a customized design. With varying sizes, materials, and colors available, we have a solution for every cube design need so you can install the wood ceiling system you envisioned and achieve a stunning result.

4. Quality Acoustics 

Wood is a porous material that functions as a natural acoustic absorbent, and wood ceilings fitted with wood acoustic panels that have a perforated surface reinforce acoustic absorption capacity. This makes them the perfect ally when controlling the acoustic reverberation and carrying out the acoustic conditioning of a room. With our wood ceiling systems, you aren’t just getting an aesthetically pleasing ceiling, but one that enhances acoustics, too. 

5. Third-Party Testing

When you use wood cube panels for your design, it’s not enough to know you have wood ceiling systems in place that look good — you need to know that they’re safe, too. For total peace of mind, every one of our wood ceiling installations includes completion of independent lab testing for many certifications, including fire performance, acoustic rating, material composition, and indoor air quality.

Incorporate Sustainable Wood Ceiling Systems Into Your Next Design

Warmth, elegance, and sustainability — three things wood ceilings bring to the spaces they grace — never go out of style. If you’re looking for the perfect way to tie wood cube panels into your next design, we have hundreds of models, designs, and finishes available so you can choose the wood ceiling that’s most suitable for your space. Schedule a design call today to get started. 


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