4 Benefits of Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels 

The appearance of an acoustic wall panel matters just as much as its function. In addition to helping to improve the sound quality in a space, the right panel can also contribute to the overall atmosphere and experience for visitors. The wrong panel, on the other hand, can be a visual eyesore that takes away from the beauty of the space. 

When choosing acoustic panels, it is important to consider both the function and the form. The right panels will not only improve the sound quality in a room but will also enhance the aesthetic appeal. By choosing panels that compliment the existing design of a space, it’s possible to create an acoustically-superior environment that is also visually appealing. 

Today, we are going to review the top-four benefits of incorporating decorative acoustic wall panels into your building’s interior design. From enhancing aesthetic appearance to improving sustainability, there are multiple reasons why these panels may prove the most suitable option for your business. 

1: Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance 

Wood panels can be used to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a space, either as a complete covering for a surface or as an accent wall. If used for acoustic control, however, covering all of the walls and/or ceilings is recommended for optimal sound quality. 

Unlike many other acoustic control fixtures that could be attached to a wall or ceiling, panels provide a sleek and uniform appearance. The natural wood finish also creates a more inviting and calming atmosphere in contrast to the colder tones of metals, concrete, and drywall.

Due to the versatility offered by wooden panels, they can also be shaped and finished to meet nearly any aesthetic preference. They can also be curved to accommodate soft angles where flat panels may not prove suitable. 

2: Can Be Used in Nearly Any Style of Building Decor

When adding acoustic panels to a space, you should be able to fit them into the existing design rather than having to redesign around them. Thanks to their versatility, wood panels can integrate seamlessly with the rest of your decorating plans. 

For example, wood panels can help to enhance the warm, inviting, and homey feeling of a rustic theme. However, they can also provide a sleek, stylish, and streamlined compliment to concrete or steel. 

3: Easy to Clean, and Maintain 

High-quality decorative acoustic wall panels are finished with a commercial-grade material that remains durable and resistant to moisture. However, even with the most robust protective barriers, moisture can threaten any wooden installation. 

Thankfully, wood surfaces are simple to clean and maintain. They do not require any additional polishing, oiling, or waxing once installed. Instead, clean them with a soft, lightly dampened cloth and mild flax soap. 

To help preserve their condition and appearance, make sure that your wood surfaces remain kept away from sources of high heat in a humidity-controlled environment. Climate control will aid in preventing any warping of the material and preserve the panels’ sleek, level appearance.  

4: The Most Sustainable Option for Acoustic Enhancement 

Wood acoustic panels are more sustainable than other types of acoustic fixtures for a variety of reasons. First, wood is a renewable resource, meaning many species can be grown, cultivated, and harvested without impacting the environment. 

Second, when replacing wood panels with new ones, the ones you have discarded can be easily recycled and break down naturally.  In contrast, synthetic materials such as fiberglass or PVC are derived from fossil fuels and can take hundreds of years to break down in landfills. 

Thirdly, wood is an efficient material for absorbing sound. Fashioning panels from woods with sophisticated acoustic control properties can play an instrumental role in balancing frequencies and improving the tone within a room. 

Finally, wood acoustic panels can actually help improve indoor air quality by having low  VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This promotes cleaner air within your space by not adding additional harmful chemicals and contributes to a more relaxing and enjoyable experience for visitors and audiences.

Get Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels for Your Space Today 

At Rulon International, our team remains committed to producing the finest, most innovative decorative acoustic wall panels only using the most sustainable woods possible. Collectively, over 20 of our products hold certifications for sustainability! 

We are the proud inventors, designers, and manufacturers of the Aluratone and Curvatone series of acoustic panels. In addition to improving the sound quality in your space, they also provide a stylish appearance in multiple styles and finishes to complement your design plans. 

To learn more about how you can enhance our space with decorative acoustic panels, view our gallery or contact our team today. 


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