5 Acoustic Panel Design Ideas for Your Building

Acoustic panels can help improve the sound quality, aesthetics, and visitor experience for nearly any space from performing arts to corporate settings. The holes and grooves in the wood panels fragment the soundwaves that pass through them, which helps to reflect higher frequencies and absorb lower ones for a more balanced sonic experience. 

Premium wood panels can also integrate into the natural design elements of your space. Whether you need to control sound in spaces with curved walls, high ceilings, or in a small and intimate venue, you can instantly upgrade the room’s appearance with a sleek and uniform aesthetic. 

If you are considering enhancing your space’s appearance and functionality with a custom wood panel solution, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to review some stylish designs that you can draw inspiration from when planning your own 

1: Create a Warm and Excellent-Sounding Theater for Your Media Room 

When you are leveraging media assets in an educational presentation, keynote address, or screening a piece of video content, sound quality matters as much if not more than the visual elements. Many people can forgive a slightly blurry video, but harsh sounds can quickly become distracting and derail an audience’s attention. 

Outfitting your walls and ceilings with acoustic panels can help provide an excellent sound quality to accompany your other media assets.  For example, in this theater design project we performed for Salt Lake City Community College’s media room, Aluratone 900 panels were used to not only enhance the space with a more uniform appearance, but it also creates a superior listening environment for any screenings or presentations.

2: Install a Textured Ceiling to Add Ambiance to Your Dining Establishment

Anyone who eats out at restaurants on a regular basis knows how a noisy environment can ruin the experience; no matter how delicious the food is. Dining spaces also often feature numerous hard surfaces that tend to reflect sound and create echoes rather than provide a calm and intimate setting. 

To help enhance the appearance of its restaurant space while simultaneously controlling its acoustics, The Dutch at the W Hotel Nashville used custom Aluratone & Linear panels on its ceilings. This created a multi-tiered, acoustical aesthetic to add some unique character to the ceiling while also aiding in providing a more relaxing atmosphere for their guests. 

3: Brighten Up Your Auditorium 

Dark colors and low lighting are often associated with many educational and corporate auditoriums. Modern auditorium design encourages bright, creative aesthetics to help enhance the atmosphere of the space and inspire engagement from those in attendance. 

Keeping this in mind, JMA Architecture used Curvatone panels as an integral component of their design for the new Las Vegas City Hall’s 500-seat Council Chamber. This large, auditorium-style room creates an inviting space for the public to attend meetings and participate in their local government. 

4: Control Echo and Add a Touch of Pop to a Wide Open Space

In corporate buildings and large public indoor spaces, hard surfaces like tile, concrete, and metal can encourage loud echoes that can become overwhelming. This can create a difficult environment for people to concentrate, communicate, and relax. 

To both enhance the appearance of their space and tame its acoustics, the Baryshnikov Arts Center’s Jerome Robbins Theater in New York City was outfitted with Aluratone panels along its staircase. This intentional placement can help control the sounds bouncing off of the angled surfaces surrounding its desk for a better employee and visitor experience while also adding a stylish, textured finish to the wall. 

5: Provide a Calmer Learning Environment for Students

Colleges and universities are filled with students working on high-stakes projects and assignments for their classes. Having a common space where the students can both access essential resources and concentrate on their work is essential for their development into future professionals. 

The Yale University School of Environmental Sciences outfitted its Kroon Hall with Aluratone 100 panels to help provide a warm, inviting, and sound-controlled environment for their students. Like our other products, Aluratone panels are certified sustainable, which also aligns with many organizations’ environmental values. 

Enhance Your Own Space with Sustainable Acoustic Wood Panels

At Rulon International, we supply architects, contractors, designers, and business owners with sleek and certified-sustainable wood panel solutions that provide both beautiful form and incredible function. Our acoustic panels are designed to help you control the sonic properties of large, open indoor spaces so that you can create a better atmosphere for visitors and audiences of all sizes. 

To learn more about our products, contact us today to see how we can help you bring your acoustic panel design ideas to life. 

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Discover 2024's
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