Do Wooden Acoustic Panels Reduce Outside Noise?

Acoustic panels are often installed in large buildings that have complex acoustic demands, such as lecture halls or concert venues. In these spaces, it’s essential to minimize the amount of disruptive outside noise that flows into the building. 

Outside noise can cause major interruptions to important activities, such as: 

  • Clashing with performances or presentations
  • Diminishing the listening experience of an audience
  • Distracting workers in an office setting
  • Destroying peace and quiet in spaces that require low noise levels, such as museums or government buildings

While searching for a noise-reduction solution for your building, you may encounter a variety of window and wall treatments, including acoustic panels. 

Improving a building’s acoustics allows for better use of the space. Larger audiences can enjoy better sound quality, improving the functional and economic value of a venue. One way to contribute to reducing noise beyond the walls includes installing acoustic wooden panels on your walls and ceilings.  

Today, let’s learn:

  • Do wood panels reduce outdoor noise?
  • How wood panels improve sound quality in an interior space
  • Where to find certified sustainable acoustic wall panels 

Do Wood Panels Reduce the Entry of Outdoor Noise?

The primary acoustic benefit of wood panels is an improvement in interior sound quality. Paneling balances sound frequencies to reflect warm, smooth, and evenly-distributed sound throughout a space. 

Wood panels aren’t a complete solution for repelling exterior noise, but they do accomplish this to an extent as an added benefit. However, this does not mean that they should be excluded from a larger noise reduction strategy. 

Wood paneling adds an additional layer of insulation. Outdoor noise is partially blocked and the decibel levels of intrusive sounds are reduced. 

More importantly, by controlling a space’s sound quality, the impact of outdoor noise is diminished. When interior sound quality is enhanced, outdoor sound recedes from the auditory landscape. 

There are some additional measures that you can take to reduce the impact of outdoor noise, such as: 

  • Planting bushes and shrubs against the exterior wall of your space 
  • Install soundproof/sound-reducing windows 
  • Place signs on your emergency exits to prevent guests from opening exterior doors for non-emergency reasons 
  • Check the exterior of your walls for any cracks, holes, or other openings and plan to replace or patch these areas 

Now, let’s examine the acoustic improvements you’ll enjoy after adding wood panels to a space in which sound quality is of the utmost importance. 

How Wood Panels Improve Sound Quality in an Interior Space

Outside noise reduction is just one facet of the total acoustic upgrade provided by wood panels. The following primary benefits transform rooms of all sizes into high-performance acoustic spaces. 

Frequency Balance Control

Wood panels contain specially-designed holes that dissipate sound waves, reducing the intensity of harsh noises. The frequencies that reflect back into the room are smooth and balanced, providing better sound quality for audiences.  

Warmer and Brighter Tones 

As wood panels improve the balance between high and low frequencies, warm, bright tones travel clearly throughout the entire space. For example, during a musical performance, wood panels improve the ability of concert-goers to distinctly hear vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments. 

Improved Sound Distribution

Without acoustic planning, sound may not travel effectively through a large indoor space. Wood panels help distribute sound evenly throughout expansive rooms. This improves the listening experience in venues where some audience members are seated far from a stage. 

Prevents Unwanted Sound Leaking 

An acoustic panel installation encloses sound within a room. Sound waves are effectively reflected inward. This not only improves sound quality but also prevents sound from escaping the space. 

This benefit is especially useful for buildings with several rooms that all need effective sound control, such as university lecture halls. 


The acoustic benefits of wood paneling go hand-in-hand with an impressive, stylish aesthetic. 

Spaces are enhanced by the uniform, layered appearance of wood panels. The architectural aesthetic of wood panels is especially fitting in grand, important spaces such as museums, government buildings, and lecture halls.  

Get Certified Sustainable Acoustic Wall Panels to Help Reduce Outdoor Noise

Rulon International provides custom wood ceiling and wall paneling solutions that completely transform the appearance and sound quality of an interior space. 

Our products are made in the USA and carry multiple distinguished certifications for sustainability. Choose from unique paneling designs such as Curvatone, Aluratone, and continuous cube paneling. Every product is customizable to fit the unique contours and acoustic demands of your space. 

We prioritize the use of recycled content and sustainably-harvested woods. Via eco-friendly product sourcing, we provide the finest wood panel solutions to complement beautiful architectural designs. 

To learn more, view our product gallery. Contact our team today to discuss your next project.



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