Custom Acoustic Panels – How Do They Work?

Acoustic paneling is a design solution that improves the aesthetics of an interior space while enhancing sound control and acoustic quality. 

There are lots of products out there that claim to provide acoustic control. However, lots of them are bulky, difficult to install, and unattractive. Worst of all, not all panel products that boast acoustic benefits have been tested to verify their claims. 

In this guide, we’ll review Aluratone and Curvatone panels. These beautiful, sustainably-produced panels are custom-designed to meet the aesthetic needs of any space. They’re also independently tested to verify acoustic performance, air quality, and material composition. 

Let’s discuss how acoustic panels are installed, how they work, and how to enjoy the sound quality they provide. 

Acoustic Panels Are Installed Flush Against the Surface

Acoustic panels are usually installed flush against a wall or ceiling. Each panel is attached with a collection of fasteners. 

Panels can be flat or curved, depending on the space’s design needs and the designer’s aesthetic and functional preferences. 

Sometimes, small gaps are intentionally built in between the panels and the wall or ceiling. This may be done with curved panels in a wave pattern that makes use of extra space for aesthetic purposes or to improve noise dampening. 

How Our Acoustic Panels Work

At Rulon International, we offer two varieties of sustainable acoustic panels: Aluratone and Curvatone.


Aluratone panels are flat and built with slots routed out of the surface. Routed sections are custom-designed per project for optimal acoustic performance and aesthetic choice. 

Aluratone panels are installed flush against wall or ceiling surfaces to create a uniform design. Panels can be custom-finished, stained, sealed, and colored. 

The routed perforations in the wood are designed to dissipate, absorb, or reflect sound. Low-frequency sounds are mostly absorbed while high-frequency sounds are mostly reflected. 

Because higher frequency sounds dissipate faster than lower frequency sounds, Aluratone panels are effective at creating a more balanced and resonant tone. These panels are an excellent choice in spaces where sound quality is of the utmost importance. 


Curvatone panels are custom-curved to match the design of a space that contains curves. 

Curvatone provides the same sound control and level of customization as Aluratone. 

Additionally, Curvatone panels allow for more complete ceiling or wall coverage without having to change existing design contours. 

Curvatone panels are designed to match the space they’re applied to, preventing wasted space and optimizing acoustic performance. 

Great Uses for Acoustic Panels

It’s never a bad thing to have amazing acoustics. However, here are a few uses that really capture the full sonic benefits of custom wood panels

Theatrical Performances

Stage theater has complex acoustic demands. Spoken dialogue, singing, and instrumental music need to be clearly heard in succession or simultaneously. 

Acoustic panels are perfect for the challenging acoustic needs of theatrical performances. 

By balancing high- and low-frequency sounds, the various performance components of a theater show are heard evenly. It’s easier for audiences to stay tuned in to the performance from any seat in the venue. Video recordings of stage performances also come through with improved audio quality. 


Concerts require a balance among vocals, percussion, bass, and instruments that provide rhythm and melody. This complex stream of sound is easily muddied when music is played in spaces with inferior acoustic properties. 

Acoustic panels that effectively balance high and low frequencies help concert-goers hear music the way it’s meant to be heard. The tones are warm and balanced, with all elements coming through clearly. 

Recording quality for live releases also benefits from acoustic-paneled spaces. Individual instruments are more easily identified, while the overall sound is more clear and pleasant. 

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations such as lectures, meetings, and conferences all benefit from the clear sounds provided by acoustic panels. Voices shine more clearly throughout the entire space without the need to blast sound systems at excessive volumes. Microphones can be more easily adjusted to modest levels that can be picked up clearly throughout the room. 

Sustainable Acoustic Panels for Your Building

For over 30 years, Rulon International has been manufacturing state-of-the-art wood ceilings and walls. 

Our products are independently tested for quality, easily installed, fire retardant, and customizable. 

We’re also fully committed to environmental sustainability. Our Aluratone and Curvatone panels each hold multiple sustainability certifications. 

Contact our team today to learn more about acoustic panels for your space. 



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