The Best Acoustic Tiles for Sound Dampening

Sound dampening is essential in large, open interior spaces. 

When noise is generated at high decibels, sound dampening features such as acoustic tiles can help contain sound within a designated area. Sound dampening keeps inside sounds inside (NRC or Noise Reduction), and keeps outside sounds outside (STC/CAC or Sound Transmission/Ceiling Atenuation). The intended audience is provided with a clear and pleasant acoustic experience. 

At a glance, you might wonder, how can a wood tile actually help dampen and control the sound within a room? In this guide, we are going to cover the science behind acoustic panels as well as some of the most important quality features to look for when you are considering a solution for your space. 

First, let’s look behind the panels and see how they can improve audio quality. 

How Acoustic Panels or Tiles Dampen Sound

Acoustic-control wood ceiling and wall panels or tiles work by dissipating sound waves as they travel through specially-designed holes in the wood. These holes allow the sound to pass through to a sound-reducing fabric mounted to the back of the panel.

Harsh, high-frequency sounds are reduced in intensity. A more smooth, clear, and balanced set of sounds is provided throughout the room. 

Additionally, high-quality acoustic surfaces provide sound solutions that are sustainably sourced and aesthetically enhancing. 

Acoustic control shouldn’t be at odds with your other interior design needs. Rather, the best acoustic paneling is an all-in-one solution for all of your acoustic and aesthetic goals, along with additional advantages like sustainability and fire safety. 

If you’re considering an acoustic panel installation, here are some key benefits to look for. Choose products that are independently certified to back up any advertising claims regarding acoustic control, sustainability, and material sourcing. 

5 Key Features of High-Quality Acoustic Panels 

1: Fire Retardant

Flame-retardant paneling can withstand a blaze for longer than regular wood. This slows down the growth of a fire, helps keep a building’s structural elements intact, and provides emergency departments with more response time. 

2: Easy to Install

Advanced acoustic control solutions are often needed for very large spaces such as auditoriums and lecture halls. Walls and ceilings are complex and expansive, and any comprehensive treatment requires substantial materials and labor. 

When adding paneling to large spaces, an easy installation process is a major advantage. Complex installation processes bring high labor costs, safety risks, and slower project timelines. 

Rulon International’s Aluratone and Curvatone panels were designed for rapid and simple installation. Panels can be quickly and safely installed with basic materials such as direct screws, torsion springs, c-hangers, and z-clips. 

3: Customizable Appearance

For large, complex spaces, acoustic solutions require customization. One-size-fits-all solutions provide limited design options and may result in wasted space, inferior acoustics, and compromised aesthetics. 

If your paneling can’t adjust to your space, your space will need to adjust to your paneling. Extra planning, materials, and labor will be required just to adapt to the shape of your acoustic panels, canceling out any savings offered by a cheaper choice of materials. 

The best acoustic panels provide advanced levels of customization. Custom panels are more like templates than products you pull off a shelf. The wood, its finish, and its design are all customizable for every unique project. 

4: Sustainably Sourced

Wood sourced from non-sustainable sources may be difficult or expensive to replace. Sustainable wood is produced consistently and reliably, providing an ongoing source of wood without depleting natural resources. 

Along with the wood itself, products used for finishing are also an environmental consideration. 

Finishing performed with harsh chemicals may impact indoor air quality. Large rooms require substantial amounts of wood, and thus high volumes of finish—make sure you aren’t filling your space with harmful chemicals. 

5: Independently Tested

Independent testing verifies that an acoustic panel can provide a specific level of sound dampening. Having this data on hand makes it easier to fine-tune your audio systems for better quality, tone, and audience experience. 

Untested, inaccurate claims about sound control lead to disappointing results. 

Fortunately, acoustic performance can be measured. 

At Rulon International, our panels are tested against noise reduction coefficient (NRC) standards. We use third-party testing for acoustic control as well as fire performance, material composition, and air quality. 

Get Premium Sound Dampening Panels Today

Rulon International manufactures Aluratone and Curvatone ceiling and wall panels that provide superior sound dampening and acoustic quality. 

We specialize in high-performance acoustic solutions for large spaces like auditoriums and concert halls. Because every space is different, our products are highly customizable. We offer multiple wood varieties, finishes, and colors and design every set of panels to meet unique design needs. 

To learn more, visit our Aluratone and Curvatone product pages or contact our team today. 



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Discover 2024's
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