Designing Spaces for the Future: The Longevity and Low Maintenance of Endure

As much space as they take up, ceilings and walls are often overlooked in many design projects. Those who use them as an opportunity to further contribute to the look and feel of a space, however, recognize the ability ceilings and walls have to boldly define a space; with this in mind, many designers take advantage of their vastness.


Because wood is a warm, classic choice that can typically be finished to fully meet a particular space’s design vision, wood ceiling and wall systems have recently found themselves in the spotlight. Beyond its beauty, wood is a strong, low-maintenance ceiling and wall design option that stands the test of time. At Rulon International, we recognize the importance of designing with both beauty and durability in mind. Custom wood design products ensure both — particularly, our Endure™ wood ceiling and wall systems. 

A Long-Lasting and Low-Maintenance Wood Design

For a future-proof design, you need a timeless material that will remain intact for years to come. Endure™ is a versatile product that can be used for exterior and interior design in most any project. With two different lines and multiple products to choose from, you can count on a long-lasting and low-maintenance wood ceiling design that produces impressive results. 

Wood Wall Designers

Endure™ Linear 800/810/850

The Endure™ Linear suspended ceiling system is designed for ceilings and canopy systems that face harsh environments. An incredibly durable product, it has proven tough enough to survive high-wind conditions in instances where other ceilings have failed. Additionally, its clean, smooth appearance makes it a good choice for modern interior applications.

Endure™ Direct Attach

The Endure™ Direct Attach wall and ceiling system is designed to be easily installed in nearly any application, from remodeling to new construction. Available in a variety of finishes (including solid colors, woodgrain films, and metallic films), it’s an affordable, high-performance system that can be used wherever you need it. 


All Endure™ Linear 800/810/850 and Endure™ Direct Attach products perform well in:


  • indoor swimming pools
  • water treatment plants
  • exterior store canopies
  • and many other applications


Using Durable Wood Ceiling and Wall Systems from Rulon International

As the demand for sustainable building materials continues to rise, we remain steadfast in our commitment to manufacturing green building materials that are long-lasting and low-maintenance. Our Endure™ product line is a low-cost, wood alternative system that’s ideal for many different design projects. 


To find out more about our Endure™ Linear 800/810/850 and Endure™ Direct Attach wood ceiling and wall systems, contact our team today. 


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Discover 2024's
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