4 Key Features of Modern Auditorium Design

An auditorium’s design can enhance the audience experience, improve sound quality, and transform the room into a true destination for a speaking event or performance.

However, for many, the word “auditorium” can conjure up images of ones found in old grade school and university buildings with flat, drywalled surfaces painted in neutral colors. Instead of inspiring creativity and engagement, they can strip the room of any personality. 

Today, we are going to explore 4 key features of modern auditorium design. Whether you are planning a new construction project or want to revive an auditorium that has existed for years, here are some creative principles to keep in mind. 

1: Calming, but Sufficient Lighting

Cheap fluorescent bulbs create a harsh lighting effect in an enclosed space. Rather than feeling like a place where people are meant to gather, these lights can instead put strain on the eyes and create an atmosphere that feels more like a warehouse than an auditorium.

Instead, opt for bulbs that offer either a warm yellowish or soft white tone along with a stylish fixture so that they look like they are part of the auditorium’s design. This will create a more inviting and calming environment where audiences can more easily relax and engage with the presentation or performance they are attending. 

2: Comfortable, Well-Spaced Seating 

No one wants to cram into tight seats where they are competing with other audience members for elbow space. Hard-backed seats can also create discomfort if the person has to sit in them for long periods of time. 

Opt for sufficiently padded seating that offers enough room for everyone to sit comfortably. If someone in the audience is focused on trying to get comfortable, they will not be giving their full attention to what is happening on the stage or in the front of the classroom. 

3: Updated Audio and Video Equipment 

Today, excellent media assets can move audiences as much as an incredible performance or captivating speech. 

Modern, high-definition audio and video equipment brings media assets to life and provides an unforgettable experience for your audience. Screens and speakers can even be installed in the walls and ceilings for a more seamless appearance. 

4: Custom Wood-Paneled Ceilings and Walls 

Enhanced Acoustical Experience 

Acoustically designed wood panels feature superior acoustic quality. From more efficiently containing the sound within the auditorium to enhancing musical and vocal tone within the space, the difference is immediately noticeable. 

Products like our Aluratone, Curvatone, and Curvalon panels are designed with specific shapes and textures for spaces where acoustic quality matters most. This contributes to a fuller sound that is audible throughout the entirety of the space without any of the harsh tones that can be created in an environment with bare concrete or sheetrock walls. 

Unique Textures and Designs 

Instead of hanging art on your wall, turn the wall itself into a work of art. 

Panel grille walls and cube ceilings, for example, utilize space as part of their aesthetic. This creates a unique and distinguishing feature that can pair with any other modern design principles. 

A Warmer and More Inviting Aesthetic 

Neutral colors like gray, white, and black can often seem cold and less personable in isolation. Beyond adding texture and character, the warmer tone of the woods can help create a more inviting space for people to congregate.  

Limitless Customization Potential 

Wood features can be customized in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the design of your auditorium. Frame screens, pictures, lights, and other decorative features with consistent and cohesive paneling. 

Get Premium, Sustainable Wood Ceilings and Walls for Your Auditorium 

Our team at Rulon International is committed to providing you with the most beautiful, durable, functional, and sustainable wood walls and floors available. With 23 products holding multiple sustainability certifications, we custom-design your project directly from our headquarters in St. Augustine, Florida. 

To get started on your own project, view our products or contact us online today to speak with someone from our team. 

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Discover 2024's
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