Types of Wood Paneling for Walls: The Complete Guide

Some walls contain art. Some walls are art. 

Have you ever been struck by the immersive experience of standing inside a brilliantly-designed building? Spaces like museums, churches, and concert halls can all evoke this sensation. 

Wood panel walls are one way to completely transform an interior space, achieving that artistic “wow” factor. 

Wood panel systems are diverse and customizable. Picking out a panel type is an exciting first step towards planning your wall upgrade project. 

What Are the Advantages of Different Wood Panel Varieties?

Whether you’re looking to add an accent wall or improve an existing wall’s appearance, high-quality wood panels are a great choice. Panels can upgrade a space into a modern and attractive environment for people to gather.. 

There are a number of wood panel varieties to choose from. Each type has its own aesthetic and functional advantages. 

Here are five beautiful wood panel options to consider. 

Linear Panels

Linear panels are straight and evenly spaced. This panel type provides a uniform, sleek appearance with just the right subtle touch of texture. Linear panels provide a smooth, consistent wall covering that creates a warm and elegant atmosphere. 

To improve acoustical performance, insulation can be added to the reveals between linear panel boards. This is perfect for any space that hosts concerts, theatrical performances, or speaking engagements. 

Panel Grilles

Panel grilles are parallel strips of wood. A slight separation runs between the panels, creating a ladder-like pattern. Because this panel type consists of numerous thin panels, it’s easy to create a unique look for any project—customization options are endless. 

Panel grilles are perfect for adding an aesthetic accent to your building design. They can be cut to fit around other design elements such as pieces of artwork. Panel grilles can be manufactured with or without a fabric backing.

Flat Panels

Flat Panels are large, smooth sheets of veneer that create a consistent and clean layout that complements a building’s architectural design. This panel type can include small spaces between panels to create a textured appearance. 

Flat Panels provide a stylish way to add more depth to the interior design of college buildings, corporate offices, and theaters. 


Aluratone is a top choice when acoustic quality is a priority. These versatile panels can be installed over standard walls in a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes. Aluratone is  a great choice for sound-focused spaces, such as music studios, theaters, and auditoriums. 


Curvatone is a curved Aluratone panel design. Curvatone provides enhanced sound control, especially in large spaces where managing sonic quality is important. This design also adds a unique decorative texture, creating a more vibrant and creative setting. 

What to Look for in a Wood Panel Manufacturer

There’s an enormous difference between the cheapest and the best wood panel systems for walls and ceilings. 

To choose a wood panel manufacturer, look for these qualities. 

  • Sustainability – committed to sourcing materials from environmentally-friendly sources, such as recycled materials, sustainable wood types, and wood products that don’t degrade indoor air quality
  • Acoustical Expertise – a designer team of acoustic specialists who can enhance your space with the best possible sound control 
  • Easy Maintenance – caring for your investment should be stress-free; shop for wood panels that can be easily cleaned by following a few simple guidelines

Upgrade Your Wood Panels

Rulon International manufactures state-of-the-art acoustic wood walls and wood ceilings. Our expert team designs highly-specialized systems. Rulon International panels completely transform a room’s acoustic and aesthetic qualities. 

Wood panel systems by Rulon International are recognized globally for excellence in beauty, quality, and acoustical performance. Our understanding and innovation in the area of sound design is unmatched. 

For any industry that uses wood products, adaptation and forward thinking are essential. Wood is a renewable resource only when it’s produced sustainably. 

That’s why Rulon international commits to sustainability as a core business value. All of our products are made with consideration to these environmental objectives:

  • Use of recycled content
  • Use of sustainably harvested wood
  • Protection of indoor air quality

We produce 23 products with multiple sustainability certifications. Our wood panel systems contribute to various credits for LEED, the Well Building Standard, and the Living Building Challenge. To find the wood paneling that’s right for your next project, view our selection of wall and ceiling panels. For more information, contact our team’s sales representative in your region.

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Discover 2024's
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