University of the Pacific Biological Sciences Center

Due to increased popularity of the health sciences at the University of the Pacific, a new 54,000 square-foot Biological Sciences Center was needed to accommodate the rapidly growing biology program. The University of the Pacific is considered to have one of the most competitive science programs in the nation.

With this vision in mind, architects from the prestigious offices of Fong and Chan Architects (FCA) were hired to design the new science facility. The science center includes a 150-seat auditorium for classes and presentations. A creative high-end ceiling was part of the auditorium design, requiring Rulon’s Curvalon, custom shaped panels, and special manufacturing. FCA and Rulon Company teamed up to create a solution to the ceiling requirements. The ceiling design in the auditorium resembles a series of wood waves. Flat wood veneered panels at the front of the auditorium ceiling connected to curved panels radiating towards the back of the room. The curve, or wave, of each panel increases in amplitude as the panels make their way across the ceiling. The fine custom stain finish on the Cherry veneer adds a beautiful touch overall. FCA and Rulon’s engineers worked together to create a unique, one-of-a-kind ceiling fitting the prestige of University of the Pacific.

Using Rulon’s Curvalon custom shaped panels, the wood waves increase in amplitude as each panel makes its way across the ceiling. This Curvalon ceiling project was a great installation and was a feat of creative design, technical engineering-savvy, and fine craftsmanship.

Fong and Chan Architects could have decided to use a standard ceiling product that would have been typical for commercial construction.

They chose to make a bold statement by using the ceiling as an opportunity to creatively associate the namesake of the University with its neighboring ocean nearby. Fong and Chan Architects can proudly add University of the Pacific to their portfolio as another successful project. Rulon Company appreciates the creative minds at FCA and the opportunity they gave us to fulfill their design dreams.

Products Used in this Project

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