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Affirming the belief that a clean, welcoming, eco-friendly environment promotes workplace cohesion and teamwork, this cybersecurity firm gave its primary office a fresh look to coincide with their current efforts to expand and open new offices worldwide. The wood grille system that accentuates the modern decor and living wall of this office provides an excellent example of how wood, an ancient and highly traditional construction material, can also be used in a way that emanates modernism.

The main challenges for this project were almost entirely handled by the installing contractor - without whom a project of this caliber would not be as successful. Assisted by Rulon Internationals technical service team through installation guides and an in-house mockup to detail wall panel layout, the installation was executed professionally and on time.


Early involvement from the manufacturer on this project allowed the design team a unique opportunity - to imagine a wood grille system that would achieve the design aesthetic from the beginning instead of picking a manufactured product to tie into the designed space. The wood grille system used on this project adapted to each scenario its used in to maintain consistency, but also allowed for a creative license to chang both the visual aspects of each panel and the overall layout of each section in the office. Wall panels were designed to incorporate full-cover, white painted MDF backing panels to eliminate the need for dowels and create the illusion that each individual wood blade was floating. The centerpiece of the entry space draws attention to the plenum beyond the ceiling plane while also mirroring the custom tile pattern on the floor.

In addition to the custom elements of this project, nearly 1,500 square feet of wood grilles were supplied in 2 foot wide modules and assembled in sequence to create the monolithic ceiling clouds in the public spaces. Custom white dowels, full-cover backing panels, and attachment clips were used to match the plenum color and blend in with the background, highlighting the natural features of Maple, the strikingly-modern species chosen for this project. MEP integrations including full-length light coves were coordinated during the shop-drawing phase of the project to ensure no on-site details were missed.