3 Places Quality Acoustics Matter

Many sustainable certification systems, such as LEED, have credits for acoustical performance. At Rulon International, we engineer wood products with acoustics in mind, so you can get a beautiful result and quality acoustics while accruing credits toward a sustainable building.

Looking to make big waves with your next project? Design a space with acoustics and innovation in mind!

Where Do Acoustics Matter?

It’s important to keep in mind the intended use of space when designing the interior, as places such as lecture halls need sound absorption. Sound absorption dampens noise in a space, and it’s ideal for spaces where sound needs to be controlled or eliminated. Because we know the importance of acoustics, our company builds many wooden wall panels and wooden ceiling panels that provide quality acoustics and sound reduction where needed.

Here are three types of spaces where quality acoustics can make a big difference:

Lecture Halls

Custom Wood Walls

Find the perfect wood acoustic panels for your next project in Aluratone, an acoustical wood ceiling and wall panel system that smoothly combines the warmth and beauty of wood with superior acoustical performance. Designed for high-end building projects where acoustical performance is important, Aluratone provides enhanced acoustics and delivers a beautiful aesthetic.

Performing Arts Centers


Wood panels such as the Curvatone panels are specifically engineered with acoustics in mind, and this wood system offers the beauty of wood while enhancing the acoustical properties of the space. Curvalon delivers spaces with the beauty and warmth of wood in a custom wave design while enhancing acoustical properties with varying styles of acoustical perforations.

Custom Ceilings

Religious Buildings

Religious facilities often give rise to a quiet space, which is why so many ceilings in places of worship are made from wood materials. Wood is a porous material that functions as a natural acoustic absorbent, and wood ceilings fitted with wood acoustic panels that have a perforated surface reinforce acoustic absorption capacity. This makes them the perfect material when controlling the acoustic reverberation and carrying out the acoustic conditioning of a room.

Beyond lecture halls, performing arts centers, and religious buildings, acoustics should also be considered in other spaces, like:

Office buildings
And more!

With our wood ceiling systems, you aren’t just getting an aesthetically pleasing ceiling, but one that enhances acoustics, too.

Choose Quality Acoustics for Your Design

You know your project better than anyone, including the ultimate vision and the products you need to get there. If good acoustics are high on your list of project priorities, then we encourage you to contact our team to find which wood systems can work for you.

It’s our pleasure to help designers and contractors complete their projects on time and on budget while achieving a stunning design. If you’re looking to add beautiful, sustainable wood features into your next design, schedule a design call with our team today!

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