How Wood Panel Accent Walls Enhance Architectural Design

Wood panel accent wall

Wood-paneled accent walls have been rising in popularity recently, and it’s no surprise why. Not only do they add a touch of warmth and character to a space, but they can also enhance the architectural design of a room.  There are many ways that wood-paneled accent walls can improve architectural design for commercial buildings. If […]

5 Simple Restaurant Interior Design Ideas Using Wood Panels

Simple Restaurant Interior Design

The ambiance created by a restaurant’s interior design can separate it from others in the area and turn your establishment into true destination dining. From paint colors to textures and materials used, you can create endless combinations that can give your space a distinct identity that patrons will remember. One design element that can really […]

Tips for Incorporating Sustainable Interior Design Into Your Building Plans

Sustainability has become a modern priority for many commercial entities. A greater focus on reducing waste and opting for sustainably sourced materials has also transformed the design approaches for many architects and contractors that also share these values.  Incorporating sustainability into your building’s interior design does not have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, […]

Ways to Design Hotel Lobbies with Panels

design hotel lobby

The lobby sets the first and last impressions that guests perceive of your hotel. To create an incredible atmosphere that complements their experience in your establishment, designing the lobby should prioritize breathtaking aesthetics as well as practical functionality to create an inviting environment for visitors.  Creating a warm and welcoming space will help guests feel […]

How Large Acoustic Panels Improve the Sound Quality for Recording

The recording environment is one of the most important factors in the final quality of an audio file.  Along with microphone quality, recording techniques, and post-production work, the space in which you record is critical for getting the best out of audio performance.  Successful recording spaces are thoughtfully designed to create warm, clear sounds. In […]

4 Benefits of Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels 

The appearance of an acoustic wall panel matters just as much as its function. In addition to helping to improve the sound quality in a space, the right panel can also contribute to the overall atmosphere and experience for visitors. The wrong panel, on the other hand, can be a visual eyesore that takes away […]

5 Acoustic Panel Design Ideas for Your Building

Custom Wood Walls

Acoustic panels can help improve the sound quality, aesthetics, and visitor experience for nearly any space from performing arts to corporate settings. The holes and grooves in the wood panels fragment the soundwaves that pass through them, which helps to reflect higher frequencies and absorb lower ones for a more balanced sonic experience.  Premium wood […]

Do Wooden Acoustic Panels Reduce Outside Noise?

Acoustic panels are often installed in large buildings that have complex acoustic demands, such as lecture halls or concert venues. In these spaces, it’s essential to minimize the amount of disruptive outside noise that flows into the building.  Outside noise can cause major interruptions to important activities, such as:  Clashing with performances or presentations Diminishing […]

Custom Acoustic Panels – How Do They Work?

Acoustic paneling is a design solution that improves the aesthetics of an interior space while enhancing sound control and acoustic quality.  There are lots of products out there that claim to provide acoustic control. However, lots of them are bulky, difficult to install, and unattractive. Worst of all, not all panel products that boast acoustic […]

The Best Acoustic Tiles for Sound Dampening

Sound dampening is essential in large, open interior spaces.  When noise is generated at high decibels, sound dampening features such as acoustic tiles can help contain sound within a designated area. Sound dampening keeps inside sounds inside (NRC or Noise Reduction), and keeps outside sounds outside (STC/CAC or Sound Transmission/Ceiling Atenuation). The intended audience is […]