Sustainable Wood Solutions: Environmentally Friendly Approaches to Design

green construction

At Rulon International, we’re known for our contributions to spectacular architectural projects throughout the nation. However, we also take great pride in our longstanding commitment to sustainability. For the manufacture of state-of-the-art wood panel wall and ceiling systems, we prioritize sustainably harvested wood, recycled content, and protection of indoor air quality.  As a natural, renewable […]

Baffles: Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional Wood Ceiling Elements

ceiling baffles

Ceiling baffles are free-hanging ceiling components, usually in the form of long, thin panels. Baffles are acoustic elements that also add visual complexity and beauty to large indoor spaces.  In many commercial settings, both acoustics and aesthetics are of supreme importance. In these spaces, baffles are an excellent choice for both enhancing architectural sophistication and […]

Transforming Interior Walls with Custom Wood Paneling: Design Ideas and Inspirations

wood paneling for interior walls

In a commercial space, aesthetic design quality is a valuable area for investment. Whether it’s a small office or a grand auditorium, the visitor experience is largely shaped by the way the space looks, feels, and sounds.  Wood paneling for interior walls is a powerful, cost-efficient way to make a commercial space more beautiful and […]

Ways to Use Accent Beams in Commercial Spaces for a Unique Design

decorative wood beams

Wood accent beams, or decorative beams, are non-load-bearing building components added for aesthetic and functional benefits. In large commercial spaces, accent beams add beauty and visual interest, helping to create unique and memorable settings.  Wood beams are also helpful for hiding would-be exposed wiring or other mechanical, electrical, or plumbing components.  In this primer on […]

Why Ceilings Shouldn’t Be Ignored When Sound Proofing a Wall

sound proofing a wall

Walls are typically the main focus of soundproofing projects, but ceilings matter too!  The ceiling is a key consideration for any soundproofed space, but it’s especially important for large work areas such as auditoriums or concert halls. In these spaces, ceilings play a critical role in keeping sound from entering or escaping while improving the […]

A Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Wood for Your Ceiling or Wall System

different types of wood

One of the important decisions you’ll make while planning a wood panel system is choosing the perfect species of wood. Different types of wood present a range of colors, grain patterns, and performance characteristics.  There are a number of woods that work well for ceilings and walls. Some of the best options include: At Rulon […]

5 Reasons Sustainable Wood is a Must-Have for Your Panels and Walls

sustainable wood

Sustainable wood comes from responsibly-managed forests that are continuously replenished. Sustainable wood production provides high-quality timber without depleting the source and with care taken to protect biodiversity and ecological processes.  As more and more consumers prioritize eco-friendly choices, the demand for sustainable construction materials is on the rise—and wood remains the go-to for an unmatched […]

5 Modern Wooden Ceiling Designs to Elevate Your Commercial Space

modern wooden ceiling design

Think about the most memorable commercial spaces you’ve ever entered. What made them stand out? Was it the grandeur of their tall, towering walls? Perhaps the sleek elegance of their furniture? Or maybe it was something more subtle, an element of design that rarely gets the attention it truly deserves – the ceiling. The ceiling, […]