Corporate Responsibility: Using Sustainable Interior Design Materials

Corporations, as major resource users, have the responsibility to be sustainable wherever possible. 

Being sustainable means that your company is helping to protect the environment around you, and reduce the impact on the local ecosystem. Adhering to sustainable and environmental values in a company can also improve the safety and happiness of your employees.

With modern innovations in sustainable wooden design materials, you can create a gorgeous interior style that not only matches your needs, but is also tailored to the Earth’s needs as well.

Wood panels for your ceilings and walls is a smart investment for your business. They are beneficial to the environment and easy to install and maintain. It can even help to improve the air quality in your business. This can help protect employees and visitors who have allergies, asthma, and other respiratory sensitivities.

If you are considering adding sustainable materials to your building’s interior, here are some reasons why it can benefit your business: 

Reduce Noise

Because corporations employ a large number of people, they tend to establish their headquarters in large, spacious areas with high foot traffic. Many desks, people, and cubicles may be on the ground, but echoes and loud noises can bounce from the walls and ceilings up above. This can be extremely distracting to employees, and it can impact their productivity and workplace satisfaction. 

Panels that offer built-in acoustic technology can help to dampen some of the noise levels that can accumulate in a busy workspace. Echoes and ambient noise will be greatly reduced – providing a more relaxing environment that will help your employees to concentrate and create a more inviting space for visitors. 

Less noise in your business could result in a more productive work environment. More tasks accomplished in less time means a better return on investment, which means that the natural acoustic technology in wooden interior panels would be an investment worth trying.

Reduce Unsustainable Waste

All non-sustainable building materials contribute to a larger carbon footprint, which can impact the surrounding environment. Whether it be gases used to cook with or the non-biodegradable building materials used for the ambiance, they are all damaging in some fashion. The building materials that are used to make many complex structures tend to be not biodegradable. 

This means that a majority of the building components needed to create edifices, homes, or even strip malls can accumulate inside of landfills across the nation when they are replaced. Some of these materials can be toxic, especially to those who do not have the proper handling equipment. Those living nearby, or even working at the company, could be exposed to dangerous materials and suffer because of it. 

Not only is sustainable wood safe to dispose of, but these materials are stylish, naturally occurring, and match with almost any decor scheme. It is the healthiest option for your company and the people that work there every day. 

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is incredibly important when it comes to an indoor work environment. Every person that comes into your company, employee or visitor, will experience the air in the office before anything else. Poor air quality can affect the overall smell of an indoor space and the prevalence of airborne irritants and pathogens. 

Today’s society values social distancing and disease prevention as a part of everyday life. They are main concerns for not only employees who are high exposure risks, but even those who come for a quick visit to your company. Good air quality and filtration are the most important improvements a company can make to its physical locations. 

With wood paneling also being so easy to keep clean and properly functional, this product will help to create an overall healthier work environment for all who experience it.

Modern and Stylish Corporate Appearance

In recent years, exposed wood in an interior design space has become a modern-day staple in interior design. Whether it be as accents to a wall or ceiling, or beams and industrial, custom-designed wood fixtures have become incredibly popular. Wood interiors create an environment that is appealing for employees, customers, and visitors alike.

Employees value how their workplace looks.  After all, they spend nearly a third of their week in the office. Creating a better-looking environment not only makes employees look forward to coming into work each day, but it also can increase productivity and satisfaction. 

The contrast that the exposed, custom-designed wood gives to steel, stone, tile, and even concrete is what a lot of modern companies seek out. With designs readily available in a variety of shapes, styles, finishes, and one-of-a-kind curvatures and notches.

Cost Reduction

Most design materials used in modern interior design can be hard on the wallet, as well as the planet. Products made from metal, plastic, and even glass contain a carbon footprint for production and don’t tend to age well.

Wood, on the other hand, is naturally occurring, so the sustainability of the growth, development, and finishing of the material is easier on the environment. It also tends to be an ageless style that provides a warm atmosphere and is much more affordable for a company.

Sustainable interior design products are a true investment, which should be made by any company. It can not only result in a much more complex and welcoming atmosphere for your company, but it also can result in savings for your business. 

Rulon International: Your Experts in Wooden Interior.

Rulon International is a one-stop shop for all of your wooden interior needs. And with 30 years of experience in installation and maintenance, our certified-sustainable wood ceiling and wall panelings are the natural choice for any corporate environment. 

We offer a range of styles from basic to elaborate, as well as acoustic wooden wall and ceiling panels. If you have a specific vision in mind for your interior design, we can develop a custom solution to match your big vision. 

To get started, check out our product catalog to view our panel styles or view our gallery to see some of our latest work in action. 



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