Wind Creek Casino & resort

Located in Atmore, Alabama, the 355,000 square foot Wind Creek Casino Resort is the most prominent visual tower in the area. Travelers approaching on the interstate are enticed to visit the tall and sleek resort with its elegant curving roof and immense wall of windows.

To meet their casino design needs, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians and Creek Indian Enterprises, looked to casino resort designers Hnedak Bobo Group (HBG). Brown Chambless Architects and Goodwyn Mill & Cawood, Inc. Architects were joint Architects-of-Record for the project.

The casino interior is a design banquet for the eyes. Among the many interior elements featured, three are product lines from Rulon Company. They are; radial panelized linear wood, custom wood beams and Curvalon.

Encircling the entire casino floor interior is an oval-like track of Rulon suspended panelized linear wood. The panelized linear wood was supplied with each panel having a custom engineered radius design. With its beautiful custom stain, the panelized linear ceiling system adds a natural element of wood around the circumference of the casino floor.

Visitors to Wind Creek Casino Resort are sure to come away with a memorable experience. Rulon is honored to have been a part of this beautiful project. Such a fine facility is sure to bring more business success to the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

The “Taste Buffet” dining area features a custom oval shaped beam structure suspended from the ceiling center. This structure, known as the “Buffet Trellis”, posed an engineering challenge to Rulon’s staff. The Buffet Trellis is based on Rulon’s Wood Accent Beams.

The complex design required 3D CAD rendering and complete pre-assembly of the entire Buffet Trellis at Rulon’s manufacturing facility. The successful installation was a result of a good partnership between the contractors and Rulon’s staff. Today, an impressive one-of-a-kind centerpiece greets diners to the Taste Buffet at Wind Creek Casino Resort. The center area of the casino features a very well designed lounge and bar area. A Curvalon ceiling is featured with undulating wood veneered panels that resemble waves radiating from a central point. Truly, a design masterpiece, the beautiful lounge ceiling is a credit to the designer, the ceiling installers and Rulon’s manufacturing capabilities.