How Wood Wall and Ceiling Panels Benefit University Classrooms

No matter what your university’s overall atmosphere, one thing all administrators have in common is the need to create a learning environment that is both visually appealing and conducive to productivity. In this day and age, students expect college classrooms to not only be outfitted with modern technology but also feel comfortable and inviting. One way you can achieve this goal without breaking the bank is by investing in wood wall and ceiling panels. 

From improving acoustics to ushering in natural elements of color, texture, and warmth into any venue, you’ll be amazed at how much impact these simple materials could have on transforming an ordinary space into something unique that will inspire your students.  Today, we are going to highlight some of the most tangible benefits that university classrooms experience by outfitting their learning spaces with quality, sustainable wood panel systems. 

First, let’s begin with what matters most: a more welcoming learning environment.

A More Welcoming Learning Environment for Students

Wood panels can add an aesthetic appeal to any university classroom. The warm hues and stylish design of these installations can create a more welcoming environment where students can feel relaxed and ready to learn.  

Research suggests that the physical environment of a learning space has an impact on student achievement. From the structural features to the decor can help to improve the learning experience or harm it, depending on the current design and layout of the classroom. 

Improved Acoustics

In the digital age, many students rely on their auditory learning skills to absorb information. With laptops and other distracting devices becoming mainstream fixtures on students’ desks, they may listen more than fix their eyes on a presentation on a large screen at the front of the classroom. 

Everyone has their own learning style, and many prefer to gain knowledge by hearing it spoken to them rather than reading from a textbook or participating in a hands-on activity. About 30% of the population is estimated to be auditory learners. 

Using stylish acoustic panels adds the benefit of greater sound quality to support your auditory learners. Sound waves tend to bounce off of hard surfaces, such as concrete or tile, which can make it difficult for students to hear the instructor. Wood panels absorb sound, which helps to reduce noise levels and improve clarity

Better Indoor Air quality 

Sustainable wood panels can be an ideal solution for improving indoor air quality in college classrooms. It is essential that students are comfortable and safe while in school, which is why a healthy environment can make a noticeable difference. 

Sustainable wood panels contain no harmful VOCs, formaldehyde, or other toxic chemicals that could be airborne, resulting in improved air quality within the classroom. This can also help prevent any allergic reactions someone might experience as a result of fumes from toxic finishing materials being present in the air. 

Environmentally Friendly

Colleges and universities share a special relationship with their local environments. For example, excellent groundskeeping creates an appealing campus that could inspire potential students to apply to your institution. Some majors, such as environmental science or marine biology, often include direct interactions with local ecosystems as part of their curriculum. 

Wood panels are also environmentally friendly as they are made from renewable sources that are closely protected and monitored to prevent over-harvesting. Trees can be replanted and grown again in protected forests, whereas other materials, such as metal or plastic, cannot be recycled or reused as easily. 


It’s no secret that colleges and universities are often faced with difficult budgeting decisions. Maximizing the value of your investment in your physical learning spaces is critical, and wood panels offer superior performance for their cost. 

Wood paneling is typically less expensive than other types of wall materials, such as stone or brick veneer. Additionally, wood paneling can be installed quickly and securely without long downtimes associated with other materials. 

Easy to Maintain

Wood panels are an optimal choice for university classrooms, as they require little to no maintenance and are easy to clean with basic cleaning materials. The nonporous surface of treated wood panels is resistant to dirt, dust and moisture intrusion, allowing them maintain an attractive appearance over a long period of time. 

Furthermore, the finishes used in many of these products makes them unlikely to chip or crack during normal wear and tear, resulting in fewer complaints from students and instructors alike. With minimal effort, these panels can remain pristine throughout the years while needing just occasional wiping down in between deeper cleans.

Get Sustainable Wood Panel Installations for Your University Classroom 

At Rulon International, we specialize in certified-sustainable, bespoke wood paneling solutions for commercial spaces; including college and university learning spaces. With over 20+ certifications for sustainability across our entire product line, we can help you create the ideal solution for your next interior design or architectural project. 

To learn more about discovering the right wood panel solution or your learning space, contact us today or view our gallery for creative inspiration. 

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