Making (Sound) Waves: How Curvatone Brings Added Beauty to Acoustic Panels


Find the ideal custom wood acoustical systems for your next project in Curvatone, which is specifically engineered with acoustics in mind. Curvatone delivers spaces with the beauty and warmth of wood in a custom wave design while enhancing acoustical properties. 

Where Can Curvatone Custom Wood Systems Be Used?

Custom wood acoustical systems work best in spaces that require high-quality acoustics. Wondering where Curvatone can be used and successfully installed? Take a look below!


  • City hall buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Labs
  • And more!


Wood products like Curvatone have proven to do even more than supply incredible acoustics, as they also offer many other benefits, including boosted happiness, reduced stress levels, and improved concentration. 

All About Curvatone Custom Wood Systems

Curvatone can work in most any space, and when you use custom wood acoustical systems like this in your design, you can choose whichever veneers and finishes best suit your needs. 


Curvatone can be produced with these veneers:

  • Rulon standard species
  • Domestic and exotic woods
  • FSC-certified veneers


Curvatone can be installed with these finishes:

  • Clear finish
  • Rulon standard colors
  • Custom color matching


Custom stains, clear sealers, and color treatments are spray applied using state-of-the-art finishing equipment, and we can custom match any color you choose. 


Curvatone can also:


  • Meet the design requirements for any curved acoustic panels
  • Be shaped to custom radii
  • Fulfill custom panel sizes 

Curvatone Details

Before choosing custom wood acoustical systems for your project, you should have all the information you need to make the best decision. Here are some of the most important product details for Curvatone. 


Acoustical Properties

Curvatone panels are specifically engineered with acoustics in mind, and the Curvatone product line offers the beauty of wood while enhancing the acoustical properties of the space.


Above Ceiling Access

Easily access the space above Curvatone ceilings with the right installation techniques, such as C-hangers and torsion springs, which allow for individual panel accessibility.


Lighting Fixtures

Light holes and other penetrations can be factory cut on our advanced CNC manufacturing equipment. MEP integrations can also be easily cut in the field.



Installation varies, depending on project requirements, including whether accessibility will or will not be required after the installation is complete. 


Sustainable Composition

FSC certified materials, recycled content, and low VOC adhesives, finishes, and composite cores are all options when selecting products from the Curvatone family.  

Use Custom Wood Acoustical Systems in Your Next Design 

Want to make acoustical waves with your next design? Incorporate Curvatone. These custom wood acoustical systems can transform your space, providing unmatched acoustics and beauty to help you achieve stunning results. 


Looking to add beautiful, sustainable wood features into your next design? Schedule a design call with our team today! 



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Discover 2024's
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