Benefits of Using Wood Panels for Public Library Interior Design

When a patron steps into a public library, how would they like to be feeling? 

Welcomed, comfortable, and safe. 

Patrons of all ages visit libraries for access to paper books, multimedia resources, and special events. Many folks simply cherish their local library as a rare spot to find some peace and quiet. 

The interior design of a library goes a long way toward establishing the warm and inviting ambiance that patrons hope to find. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss one upgrade that can transform the look and feel of your library: wood panels. 

Wood panel systems add beauty and sophistication to an indoor space. Wood panels dramatically improve a building’s aesthetic and acoustic properties while outperforming other material options on price, sustainability, and air quality. 

Here are a few reasons to use a wood panel system for your library’s ceilings and walls. 

A Warm and Inviting Aesthetic

Wood panels help create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere. Wood is full of color and life, with varying hues, flowing grains, and unique accent marks. In the hands of an expert design team, the unique beauty of wood is showcased in elegant configurations. 

Additionally, wood panel systems can also contribute to a classic, traditional aesthetic. Or, wood panels can be used in unique shapes and patterns to establish a more sleek and modern architectural presentation. 

At Rulon International, we explore the potential of wood panel design with a variety of shapes and styles, such as grille panels, cubes, accent beams, and baffles. We also create innovative curved designs using our Curvatone and Curvalon panels. These products can exhibit concave, convex, and compound curves to meet any project’s unique design needs. 

To view a few examples of wood panel system designs, peruse our project photo gallery

Acoustic Control

When acoustic control is lacking, sound waves bounce off of walls and ceilings and travel throughout a library’s large open spaces. 

Wood panels help balance noise levels by absorbing sound waves and reducing reverb and echo. These benefits are especially useful in large indoor spaces for preventing the movement of sound from one end of the room to another. 

Indoor Air Quality

Along with aesthetic and acoustic benefits, a high-quality wood panel system can also improve indoor air quality. 

Many common materials used for interior design, such as certain synthetic fabrics, release harmful chemicals into the air. Other materials react poorly to humidity, resulting in the growth of mold and mildew. 

High-quality wood panels are natural, non-toxic, and don’t contribute to indoor air pollution. 

Wood panel systems help maintain air quality that’s healthy for a library’s staff and patrons. 

Keep in mind, however, that these benefits are gained only from high-quality wood panels, not from plywood or cheap faux wood materials. The wood species used in constructing the system components will directly affect the final properties, from appearance to functionality, after the installation has concluded. 


As a renewable resource, wood can be sustainably produced when managed responsibly. 

Wood panel manufacturers that emphasize sustainability choose to source their wood from recycled materials and sustainably-harvested timber producers. 

Additionally, environmentally conscious wood panel manufacturing includes the use of eco-friendly, non-toxic finishing products. This can contribute to a higher indoor air quality and aslo create a more breathable environment for people who may suffer from respiratory issues. 

Durability and Easy Maintenance

High-quality wood panel systems are long-lasting and easy to maintain. 

Wood is stronger and less brittle than most building materials. Finishing products make wood even stronger by creating a waterproof seal, along with enhancing the surface’s aesthetics and touchability. 

Well-finished wood panels are resistant to moisture and do not require polishing, waxing, or oiling. Panels can be easily cleaned with a cloth, using only a bit of water or an inert dust-attractant cleaning product. 

Get Premium Wood Ceiling and Wall Panels for Your Library

If you’re exploring a wood panel system upgrade for your library’s walls, ceilings, or exterior, the Rulon International team would love to work with you. We can help bring your design vision to life, creating more attractive and functional spaces within your library. 

A few of our previous library projects include:

We offer over 20 wood paneling products that can be customized for your space to promote superior aesthetics and acoustics for a better library experience. 

Our products carry multiple sustainability certifications that represent our commitment to sourcing from responsible timber producers. 
To discuss your project plans, contact Rulon International today.

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Discover 2024's
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