Benjamin Banneker High School



Linear, Grilles

Benjamin Banneker High School is a testament to thoughtful design that harmonizes educational needs with architectural brilliance. Located in the heart of Washington DC, the school embodies a vision of a progressive learning environment, meticulously designed to support and inspire its diverse student body. Architectural firm Perkins Eastman took inspiration from the original 1930s-era building when they designed a modern learning facility, carefully embracing historical roots while infusing it with cutting-edge technology and design elements that foster collaborative learning. The high school is defined by multi-level, open communal spaces that encourage interaction and a sense of community, blending aesthetic appeal with functional sensibility.


Integral to the overall vision of the high school’s design was the inclusion of solid wood Linear Open and Panel Grille systems throughout the common spaces, adding sprinkles of warmth throughout. Both systems were originally specified to be manufactured from veneer, but a change to solid wood saved the customer a substantial amount of money and ensured that any panels at an accessible height were more durable. Of note, the complex radii and and angles at the perimeter of the ceilings needed to be accounted for by both Rulon International and the installing contractor to reduce site waste and optimize panel usage. This was accomplished during the material takeoff stage and then passed along to the installing contractor to ensure accurate placement and use of the wood systems.

The Benjamin Banneker High School project was a resounding success, receiving accolades for its blend of architectural innovation and educational functionality. Rulon International’s contribution was significant, meeting the dual objective of budget compatibility and aesthetic elegance. The panels not only improved the overall acoustics but also contributed to the visually pleasing atmosphere, thereby enhancing the overall student experience. The project stands as a shining example of Rulon’s commitment to providing outstanding solutions that marry design, function, and quality. Benjamin Banneker High School, with its state-of-the-art facilities and thoughtful design, now stands as a beacon of modern education in the nation’s capital.


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