10 Wood Ceiling and Wall Design Ideas

Ceilings and walls are frequently overlooked in the design process, but they can actually help define a space, and even take it to the next level. Wood is the ideal material choice for many designers because it’s a warm, classic choice that’s always in style; and, no matter how they’re used, wood features always make a statement. From schools and restaurants to medical facilities and recreation centers, custom wood ceiling and wall systems can be the perfect addition to any space.

Thinking wood might be a good feature to incorporate in your next design? Check out these wood ceiling and wall system design ideas. 

Rulon Curvatone Ceiling

1. Curvatone Ceiling

Your ceiling will be sure to get attention with Curvatone. These custom-shaped veneered panels combine the flexibility of Curvalon and the performance of Aluratone to deliver a flexible appearance that boasts incredible acoustics.  

Flat Veneer Panel Wall

2. Flat Veneer Panel Wall

Looking for a wood wall system that can work almost anywhere? Flat Veneer Wall Panels just might be the ticket. The options are practically endless for configuration, layout, species, and style so you can get the exact result you want. 

Accent Beams

3. Accent Beams

Accent Beams can work in many different spaces, and ours come in curved, vaulted, and flat formats so you have options that allow you to use accent beams however you need for your design. They provide a beautiful beam aesthetic at a fraction of the cost, with the added benefit of a wire chase (a channel where wire can run). Need to use a beam as a replacement for traditional heavy, long lead-time timbers? We can help there, too! 

Panel Grille

4. Panel Grille Ceiling

A Panel Grille ceiling is an innovative, timeless option that can be fully customized to fit your vision. Its perfectly aligned and spaced wood strips provide a clean look for a stunning result. 

Curvalon Wall

5. Curvalon Wall 

Bring movement to your walls and space with concave, convex, or compound curves achieved with Curvalon custom-curved panels. 

Linear Ceiling

6. Linear Ceiling

Open, closed, or panelized, a Linear ceiling consists of wood planks that combine the natural beauty of wood with modern design for elevated elegance in any space. 

Cube Ceiling

7. Cube Ceiling 

Cube Ceiling systems provide an eye-catching, upscale design element that integrates air circulation, sound devices, and lighting fixtures. 


8. Endure Ceiling

Whether you need it for an exterior environment or a decorative interior, an Endure ceiling is a long-lasting, beautiful choice that can work for many different designs. 

Ceiling squares

9. Ceiling Squares

Ceiling Squares are perfect to make an unexpected statement in any space, delivering an impressive warmth and upscale appearance wherever they’re placed. 


10. Aluratone Ceiling

Available in an array of styles so you can find what fits your design, an Aluratone ceiling fuses high-quality acoustics with the warmth and beauty of natural wood. 

Find More Wood Ceiling and Wall Style Inspiration

From sleek designs to cozy ones and everything else in between, the right custom wood ceiling and wall systems can make a big impact on end results. At Rulon International, we know it’s possible to fully transform a space with custom-designed wood products. That’s why, for more than 30 years, we’ve provided designers like you with innovative, custom wood ceiling and wall designs that help make your vision happen. 

To find out more about our products, get additional inspiration, or see if we have the right wood ceiling and wall styles for your project, contact our team today




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Discover 2024's
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