Building a Suspended Wooden Ceiling with Curvalon

Sustainability and the green movement, or bio-base, are currently trending; as a result, wooden ceiling panels have become an increasingly popular design choice in many spaces. Not only do they provide a warmth and beauty that’s unmatched by other materials, but they also deliver aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability — all at once. When you want to achieve a unique design, wooden ceiling panels are one avenue you can take. Curvalon is a beautiful option that can be built as a suspended wooden ceiling to produce a symphony of movement in any space. 

All About Curvalon

Curvalon consists of custom-shaped wood veneered panels that are manufactured from a flexible core material. It can be used in many different spaces for an impressive appearance. Below, we’ve provided important information about Curvalon.

Curvalon custom-sized design choices include:

  • Slim profiles
  • Deep returns
  • Custom sizes up to 4’x10′

Curvalon is ideal for the following uses:

  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Soffits
  • Suspended as acoustical reflectors

Curvalon faces can be:

  • Radiused
  • Concave
  • Convex
  • Made into a serpentine form

Curvalon can be produced with these veneers:

  • Rulon standard species
  • Domestic and exotic woods
  • FSC-certified veneers

Curvalon can be installed with these finishes:

  • Clear finish
  • Rulon standard colors
  • Custom color matching

Custom-sized and shaped panels can be specified to fit unusual ceiling designs, resulting in minimum product waste. In comparison to other building curved panels, Curvalon saves time, money, and produces a more consistent and uniform appearance from panel to panel, helping you turn your vision into a reality.

Curvalon Details

Before choosing wooden ceiling panels for your project, you should have all the information you need to make the best decision. Here are some of the most important product details for Curvalon. 

Acoustical Properties

Curvalon panels can be integrated to provide acoustical performance when needed.

Above Ceiling Access

Easily access the space above Curvalon ceilings with the right installation techniques, such as C-hangers and torsion springs, which allow for individual panel accessibility.

Lighting Fixtures

Penetrations may be cut in the factory or in the field for lighting installation.


Installation varies, depending on project requirements, including whether accessibility will or will not be required after the installation is complete. 

Sustainable Composition

FSC certified materials, recycled content, and low VOC adhesives, finishes, and composite cores are all options when selecting Curvalon for your project.   

Use Wooden Ceiling Panels in Your Next Design 

If you’re looking for a beautiful, sustainable addition to your next design, you can’t go wrong with wooden ceiling panels. Since 1976, our team has been committed to providing customers like you with high-quality wood features that you’ll love, and we’re ready to help you find just what you need to transform your space. Schedule a design call today to get started.

Curvalon Wood Ceiling



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Discover 2024's
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