Which Systems Have Sound Absorption?

At some point, you may find yourself working on a project that has you searching for the perfect sound absorbing panels to complete your design. When you think about acoustics ahead of time, you have a better chance of blending beauty and functionality so you can land on an outcome that everyone will love. 

If you’re hoping to maintain warmth and beauty in your project with wooden wall panels or wooden ceiling panels in your design, then it’s important to know which systems can be used (and why!). 

Sound Absorption: What It Is & Why It Matters for Design

Every architectural design is different, and while sound absorption isn’t an essential component for some projects, it can be of paramount importance for others. 

Sound absorption is the dampening of noise in a space, and it’s typically used in spaces that require noise to be controlled or eliminated. Many types of wooden wall panels and wooden ceiling panels are designed to help with this, minimizing sound in any given environment. 

Some places where sound absorption panels may be used include:

  • Government office buildings
  • Performing arts centers
  • Lecture halls 
  • Museums
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Casinos
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • And more!

Rulon International & Sound Absorption

In its natural state, wood almost entirely reflects sound. However, when perforations are made in wooden wall panels or wooden ceiling panels, then they absorb sound and deaden noise. So if you’re looking for the beautiful wood features that help with acoustics, our recommendations are as follows:


Of all our systems, Aluratone is best for sound absorption because it’s specifically engineered with acoustics in mind. It also comes in many different styles, veneers, and finishes so you can get the look you want, providing an impressive end result for both aesthetics and acoustics that can’t be beat. 

View just a few projects below. 

Aluratone 100 (Yale University, Kroon Hall)


Aluratone 300 (University of Florida, Biomedical Sciences Building)

Aluratone 300

Aluratone 500 (University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy)

Aluratone 500

Aluratone 700 (George Washington University, School of Health and Human Services)

Aluratone 700

Aluratone 950 (Society of the Four Arts)

Aluratone 950


Curvatone is another sound-absorption-friendly system that combines the flexibility of Curvalon with the excellent acoustical performance of Aluratone, offering the high-quality acoustics you need while delivering a stunning aesthetic. 

See it used in the projects below. 

Las Vegas City Hall 

Las Vega

Miami-Dade College of Culinary Arts


United Club, Chicago O’Hare International Airport

United Club

Other Systems 

Other wood ceiling systems and wood wall systems are available, too. While these other systems are designed for aesthetics (as opposed to acoustic performance), you can still use them with an acoustic blanket to maximize acoustic absorption and fulfill your design. 

During the design phase of your project, it’s important to determine whether the sound needs to be reflected and how that will be done, or whether the sound needs to be absorbed based on the room’s properties and its purported use. If it needs to be absorbed, then you have to figure out how you’re going to do that — and that’s usually where sound absorbing panels like Aluratone come in. 

Use Acoustical Wooden Wall Panels & Wooden Ceiling Panels in Your Next Design 

Sound comes from everywhere, and depending on your project, sound absorption could majorly affect your design. But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. With the right product, you can get great acoustics without compromising your vision. To learn more about how you can use Aluratone or another system in your design, schedule a design call with our team today!

Aluratone 100



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