Designing Indoor Spaces for the Future: Beautiful and Sustainable Wood Options

There are many factors to consider when designing an indoor space, such as lighting, budget, and design trends. One factor that many people overlook is considering sustainability and incorporating natural materials like wood ceilings and beams. 

Including sustainable wood elements in your design can not only improve the overall design of the space, but also provide major benefits to your building as well. We’re proud to create environmentally friendly products that designers and contractors alike can rely on. Some of our top systems include: Linear, Panel Grille, and Aluratone

Where Can You Use Wood in Your Design?

Wood is a highly sustainable building material; in fact, it’s one of the most preferred materials in many build and design projects. As a renewable resource that has sustainable harvesting options, it’s a green building material that can be used in many different ways.

From floor and walls to doors, ceilings, and window frames, wood is a timeless design option that delivers both beauty and sustainability. We love seeing custom wood ceiling and wall systems installed everywhere, including casinos, schools, and libraries. However, there’s truly no limit to where and how you choose to use wood in your design. If you can dream it and incorporate it in your design, there’s a product and a way to make it happen. 

A few of our most popular wood products include:

If you know your project and what you’re trying to achieve within the design, our team can help you find the best products, including those designed for spaces that require quality acoustics. 

Choose Sustainable Wood Options for Your Next Project

At Rulon International, we’re proud to manufacture wood that’s harvested from sustainably managed forests. All of our products, including our wood wall systems, conform to several sustainability standards, including FSC, LEED v4, WELL, CDPH v1.2, and HPD. So when it comes to sustainable design, you can rest easy knowing that any product from our company is an environmentally sound design choice that will deliver beautiful results. 

To find out which sustainable building material is right for your next project, schedule a design call with our team today. 

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